Foreign investments in mineral exploration in Kazakhstan

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Galym Nurjanov (a head of JSC “National exploration company “Kazgeology”) has held a press conference at RSU “Central Communications Service for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and reported about success in investments attraction in the mineral exploration sector of Kazakhstan economy. Over the past two years the four major foreign investors came to Kazakhstan […]

Factors of Modern Discoveries

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“INTEGRATING NEW TECHNOLOGY WITH HISTORICAL DATA, GEOLOGICAL INTUITION AND A LITTLE LUCK, COMPANIES ARE FINDING SUCCESS WHERE OTHERS HAVE NOT” E&MJ News Mineral Exploration Strategies E&MJ News published an article by Steve Fiscor where some factors of new mineral deposits discoveries have been outlined – these factors include applying modern geophysical technologies. The author provides […]

Earth Explorer: About Insightful geophysics..

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by VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN on MARCH 30, 2015 The founders of Insight Geophysics have deep roots in the past, but their approach to Induced Polarization (IP) represents the future of mineral exploration: real time interpretation of data, integration of non-geophysical information with 3D inversions, and a dynamic style of surveying that allows for tweaks on a […]

Novel technologies for greenfield exploration – GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF FINLAND 2015

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The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) reports about new mineral exploration and mapping methods which were developed in the project ‘Novel technologies for greenfield exploration’ (NovTecEx) carried out in 2012–2014. The project was a part of the Green Mining Programme funded by Tekes. The research partners of the project were the Geological Survey of Finland and […]

Current Issue of “Exploration Geophysics” – Airborne Electromagnetics AEM 2013

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Exploration Geophysics Volume 46 Number 1 2015 6th International Conference in Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM 2013) This special issue of Exploration Geophysics comprises papers from the 6th International Conference in Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM 2013) held in South Africa, and showcases the latest ideas and advancements in the discipline of airborne electromagnetic geophysics. Developing an efficient modelling […]

EM surveys over Green Giant graphite property in Madagascar

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EM surveys over Green Giant graphite property in Madagascar

by Alexander Prikhodko, 24 Feb., 2015 Graphite mineralization has a high electrical conductivity, which makes it an excellent target for electromagnetic (EM) methods. Energizer Resources Inc. and it’s predecessors have conducted several airborne and ground electromagnetic  surveys over different areas of Green Giant graphite property in Madagascar (province of Toliara). Different EM technologies have been […]

Fresh insights on magnetic field from Geosoft

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    Virginia Heffernan: “Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) is a modern technique which is gaining acceptance as an effective tool for subsurface exploration in areas where magnetization does not necessarily run parallel to the earth’s magnetic field, a more common scenario than geoscientists have traditionally appreciated.” – See more at: Earth Explorer   (Visited 33 […]

2014 issued patents by Assignee Geotech Airborne Limited

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Receiver coil assembly for airborne geophysical surveying with noise mitigation Patent number: 8878538 Abstract: An airborne geophysical surveying system comprising a receiver coil assembly for towing by an aircraft, the receiver assembly including a receiver coil for sensing changes in a magnetic field component of a magnetic field, and a receiver coil orientation sensing system […]

Inversion electromagnetic survey data in web app

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TDEM geomodel is an online software designed for editing, inversion, and interpretation of transient electromagnetic (TDEM) data. It outputs resistivity cross sections and maps which can be superposed on Google maps. Right now it is a shareware web application developed for pre-processing and 1D inversion of transient (time-domain) electromagnetic data. The software can be used for […]

In the news – Geotech technologies in Kazakhstan and Russia

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In the National TV News (Kazakhstan)   In the local (Yakutia) Russian TV news: (Visited 99 times, 1 visits today)

Geology For Investors about an airborne EM technology for exploration

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Hunting for Giants: An Introduction to ZTEM Surveys in Mineral Exploration By: Kylie Williams in Exploration Methods                 Overview It may just look like an enormous, flying spider web towed behind a helicopter, but the ZTEM airborne geophysical survey system has the potential to identify giant porphyry copper […]

Unlocking Australia’s hidden mineral potential with geophysics

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Dr Richard Blewett: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to discover near-surface mineral resources in Australia. New and innovative products and techniques are being developed as part of the UNCOVER Initiative to help attract mineral exploration investment that has the potential to lead to the discovery of new resources.” One of the focus regions for the […]

“Forgotten Truths, Myths and Sacred Cows of Potential Fields Geophysics” – Alan Reid, KEGS talk

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Advanced airborne geophysics technologies for new industry development and innovations in Kazakhstan

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Advanced airborne geophysics technologies for new industry development and innovations in Kazakhstan

2 July 2014 – Astana, Kazakhstan The President of Kazakhstan and the Government took part in the  meeting-report of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies in the new high tech building “Nazarbayev Cener” (project of famous British architect Norman Foster) in Astana.                         […]

Geophysical Survey helicopter in promotional filming at Elko Regional Airport

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ELKO — Geotech takes to the air to figure out what’s underground with its geophysical surveys. On Monday, a AW-119 “Koala” helicopter and an 85-foot geophysical survey apparatus were at Elko Regional Airport to film promotional footage for Geotech. The film crew works for Cineplex, a company based in Canada. Geotech specializes in airborne geophysical […]

Supervised Neural Network Targeting and Classification Analysis for Mineral Exploration

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Karl Kwan (Geotech LTD) presented at Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society meeting (8 April 2014) methodology and examples of using Neural Network Targeting and Classification at mineral exploration. “Geophysical survey contractors routinely offer multi-parameter data to clients. For example, a helicopter-borne survey may acquire Time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM), magnetic gradiometer and even gamma-ray spectrometer data (i.e., VTEMplus, Geotech LTD). […]

World class geophysics for Republic of Kazakhstan

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April 3, 2014, Astana. Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Sauranbayev and Chairman of the Board of JSC “Kazgeologiya” Galim Nurzhanov met with the Ambassador of Canada Stephan Millar and leading world class Canadian geophysical companies Phoenix Geophysics and Geotech Ltd. “I want to thank you for the […]