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About Seismic Interpretation

Posted by on Sunday, 9 December, 2012

Robin Westerman : “Absolute BME: Quantitative Seismic Interpretation”

Roxar Software: “RMS 2012 – Seismic Inversion and Attributes”

R&D in seismic technique

Posted by on Monday, 6 June, 2011

Shell Chief Scientist for Geophysics, Dirk Smit, discusses how innovative technologies — sometimes developed in unusual R&D partnerships — help energy companies to explore for harder-to-find oil and gas resources.

Sentinel Nautilus – visually about marine seismic

Posted by on Wednesday, 8 December, 2010

3D Geomertrics seismic system in Italy

Posted by on Sunday, 28 March, 2010

Codevintec was on the receiving end of numerous hours of training regarding 3D technology and Marine Seismology including the GeoEel (digital towed hydrophone streamers) and MicroEel (analog seismic solid streamer). Bart Hoekstra, 3D Product Manager conducted the training.