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Some articles in the last “Computer & Geoscience” issue for geophysicists (Volume 46 2012)

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CNNEDGEPOT: CNN based edge detection of 2D near surface potential field data

Original Research Article
Pages 1-8
D. Aydogan


► Edge detection plays an important role in the image processing. ► Cellular neural network was proposed for the extraction of sources and edges. ► A MATLAB code was prepared. ► It was implemented on the potential field data.

A graphical user interface application for evaluation of the gravitational tensor components generated by a level ellipsoid of revolution

Original Research Article
Pages 77-83
Michal Šprlák


► We offer a software application for evaluation of the normal gravitational tensor. ► Several computational modes and an easy-to-use GUI have been developed. ► The software is convenient for satellite gravitational gradiometry applications.

GICUDA: A parallel program for 3D correlation imaging of large scale gravity and gravity gradiometry data on graphics processing units with CUDA

Original Research Article
Pages 119-128
Zhaoxi Chen, Xiaohong Meng, Lianghui Guo, Guofeng Liu


► Introduce 3D correlation imaging for gravity and gravity gradiometry data. ► Introduce GPU parallel computing with CUDA using NVIDIA video cards. ► Analyze the characteristics of GPU and 3D correlation imaging. ► Present GICUDA implementation entirely on GPUs with CUDA.