A MATLAB program to invert the gravity anomaly

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3DINVER.M: A MATLAB program to invert the gravity anomaly over a 3-D horizontal density interface by Parker-Oldenburg’s algorithm.

David Gómez Ortiz and Bhrigu N P Agarwal

A MATLAB source code 3DINVER.M is described to compute 3D geometry of a horizontal density interface from gridded gravity anomaly by Parker-Oldenburg iterative method. This procedure is based on a relationship between the Fourier transform of the gravity anomaly and the sum of the Fourier transform of the interface topography.  Given the mean depth of the density interface and the density contrast between the two media, the three-dimensional geometry of the interface is iteratively calculated. The iterative process is terminated when either the RMS error between two successive approximations is lower than a pre-assigned value- used as convergence criterion, or until a pre-assigned maximum number of iterations is reached. A high-cut filter in the frequency domain has been incorporated to enhance the convergence in the iterative process. The algorithm is capable of handling large data sets requiring direct and inverse Fourier transforms effectively. The inversion of a gravity anomaly over Brittany (France) is presented to compute the Moho depth as a practical example.

Download MATLAB code and data file examples

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