Applied Geophysics – some of the books published in 2009

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Exploration Geophysics, Gadallah, Mamdouh R., Fisher, Ray.

Many text books have been written on the subject “Exploration Geophysics”. The majority of these texts focus on the theory and the mathematical treatment of the subject matter but lack treatment of practical aspects of geophysical exploration. This text is written in simple English to explain the physical meaning of jargon, or terms used in the industry. It describes how seismic data is acquired in 2-D and 3-D, how they are processed to convert the raw data to seismic vertical and horizontal cross sections, that are geologically meaningful, and how these and other data are interpreted to delineate a prospect. Workshops are included after each chapter and are designed to reinforce learning of the concepts presented.

Groundwater Geophysics. A Tool for HydrogeologyKirsch, Reinhard (Ed.).

Geophysical techniques can map the underground conditions apart from boreholes. The use of these methods for hydrogeological applications is demonstrated for mapping of porous aquifers, mapping of structural aquifers, determintation of groundwater quality (mineralization), geophysical assessment of hydraulic properties, determination of aquifer vulnerability, and mapping of comtaminated sites. Additionally, a description of applied geophysical techniques used for groundwater studies is given including seismics, resistivity methods, magnetics, and ground penetrating radar. Even advanced techniques like NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) are presented.

Principles of the Magnetic Methods in Geophysics Volume 42. By Alex A. Kaufman, Richard O. Hansen and Robert L. Kleinberg

Covers all the physical and mathematical principles of magnetic methods regardless of the area of application and  presents thorough developments of magnetic methods.

Geophysical Electromagnetic Theory and Methods Volume 43. Michael S. Zhdanov

In this book the author presents the state-of-the-art electromagnetic (EM) theories and methods employed in EM geophysical exploration.
The book brings together the fundamental theory of EM fields and the practical aspects of EM exploration for mineral and energy resources.
This text is unique in its breadth and completeness in providing an overview of EM geophysical exploration technology.

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