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Airborne electromagnetic (EM) survey system – US Patent Issued on January 12, 2010

Inventors: Miles, Philip J.; Berringer, Jason; Hodges, David G.; Wolfgram, Peter A.

An airborne electromagnetic survey system for conducting geological mapping is disclosed. A transmitter closed loop structure is used in the system and is designed for connection to a towing airborne vehicle. The transmitter loop structure comprises a plurality of interconnected loop segments, and transmitting means are fitted to at least one of the loop segments for generating and transmitting an earthbound primary electromagnetic field effective for geological surveying. Sensing means are fitted to the loop segments for receiving and sensing a vertical component of a secondary resulting electromagnetic field which arises from an interaction of the primary electromagnetic field with ground bodies that are traversed by the sensing means, while simultaneously nulling the primary electromagnetic field. Helical sensing means are positioned in close proximity to the transmitting means to receive and sense a horizontal electromagnetic field contained in the secondary resulting field, while simultaneously nulling the primary electromagnetic field.

Unmanned Airborne Vehicle For Geophysical Surveying – US Patent Issued on  05/29/2008

Inventors: Miles, Philip John; Partner, Richard Thomas; Keeler, Kenneth Ronald; McConnell, Terence James.

An un-manned airborne vehicle (UAV), for acquiring aeromagnetic data for geophysical surveying at low altitude on land or over water, comprising an extended fuselage that is adapted to hold and maintain magnetometer and a magnetic compensation magnetometer at a minimum distance from the avionics and propulsion systems of the UAV. The magnetometer measures magnetic anomalies and the magnetic compensation magnetometer measures magnetic responses corresponding to the pitch, yaw and roll of the UAV. A data acquisition system stores and removes the magnetic response measurements from the magnetic anomaly measurements. The data acquisition system also stores a survey flight plan and transmits the same to the avionics system. The generator of the UAV is shielded and the propulsion system is stabilized to reduce magnetic and vibrational noises that can interfere with the operation of the magnetometer.


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