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A Workshop on Airborne Electromagnetics

Posted by on Monday, 24 September, 2012

The ‘Low-down’ on Land Seismic Acquisition

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (WA Branch) invites you to attend the upcoming ASEG WA Tech Night presented by Tim Dean of WesternGeco Geosolutions.

Land seismic is currently undergoing what, in a generally slowly evolving field, amounts to a revolution. This revolution involves the use of a variety of new technologies but is principally concerned with reduction. The introduction of high channel-count recording systems has enabled reliable point-receiver acquisition. Coupled with advanced data processing techniques this enables a reduction in the number of sensors required on the crew. This in turn results in reduction in the number of crew members and thus survey cost, including the environmental cost. Acquisition cost can also be reduced through the use of advanced source acquisition methodologies that reduce the source cycle time (the time taken between the acquisition of records). An increase in the size of vibrators has also allowed a reduction in the number of vibrators on the crew and their related logistic burden.

An area of particular interest currently is the recording of data with enhanced the low-frequency content of the data. Increased low-frequency content has a variety of benefits, it helps overcome the high-frequency attenuating effects of the earth, improves vertical resolution, enhances inversion results, and improves: velocity analysis, minimum phase deconvolution and wavelet estimation. Acquiring such data involves lowering both the minimum frequency transmitted by the source as well as the ability of the sensors to record such frequencies.

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ASEG2010 21st Geophysical Conference Abstracts

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 September, 2010

ASEG Extended Abstracts from ASEG 2010 21st Geophysical Conference – “Future Discoveries are in our Hands”: