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Geophysical program on the Duquesne-Ottoman property in Quebec

Posted by on Thursday, 2 December, 2010

Xmet Inc. reports that both airborne and ground geophysics surveys will be completed on the Duquesne-Ottoman property during the month of December. A detailed helicopter airborne geophysics survey will be completed by Geophysics GPR International Inc of Longueuil, Quebec using a GPS controlled flight line spacing of 100 meters across the entire property. This survey will be flown in conjunction with a larger, more regional survey being flown by Osisko Mining Corporation (TSX-OSK) and its partner Clifton Star Resources (TSXV-CFO). The survey will utilize the advanced TDEM EMosquito II high resolution time domain transient electromagnetic system that will provide deep penetration. A Geometrics high resolution caesium magnetometer will also be utilized to provide detailed magnetic coverage. Final products will be generated by experienced geophysicists. This survey is meant to provide refined direct detection of gold-bearing conductive sulphide zones and will improve geological and structural interpretations of known gold deposits along the Porcupine-Destor Fault.

The airborne survey will be followed by a detailed ground geophysics survey targeting high grade gold mineralization associated with disseminated sulphides at Xmet’s Nip Zone (see Xmet news release dated September 24, 2010). A hole to hole 3-D IP survey will be completed by Abitibi Geophysics of Val D’Or, targeting gold mineralization surrounding drill holes DQ-09-09 (5.25 g/t Au over 16.5m), DQ-10-17 (2.95 g/t Au over 17.0 meters), DQ-02-09 (9.00 g/t Au over 3.00m) and DQ10-18 (5.60 g/t Au over 3.00 m). The down-hole IP survey targets a radius of up to 400m around the mineralization as well as beyond the end of the hole. Future drill holes planned at the Nip zone will test all major IP targets generated by this survey.

3D Geomertrics seismic system in Italy

Posted by on Sunday, 28 March, 2010

Codevintec was on the receiving end of numerous hours of training regarding 3D technology and Marine Seismology including the GeoEel (digital towed hydrophone streamers) and MicroEel (analog seismic solid streamer). Bart Hoekstra, 3D Product Manager conducted the training.