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Airborne Gravity Survey for coal and oil

Posted by on Monday, 5 September, 2011

Saturn Minerals Inc. — announces that it has completed approximately 4,540 line-kms of airborne gravity survey over the Company’s coal and oil properties in eastern Saskatchewan & western Manitoba. The helicopter-based survey (the “Sander Survey”) (see Saturn News Release, June 14th, 2011) was conducted by Sander Geophysics Ltd. of Ottawa, Ontario, over the Armit, Muskeg, Overflowing, Rat Creek, Turnberry, Mistatim and Red Earth coal properties, and over the Little Swan and Bannock Creek oil properties (see attached map). The Sander survey was flown with narrowly-spaced lines (120-150 metres) and was designed to add a significant amount of geophysical gravity and magnetic data, and interpretation to the Saturn Exploration Model for eastern Saskatchewan & western Manitoba concerning potential accumulations of coal, hydrocarbons and other minerals. The final results of the survey are expected to be delivered by the end of August.

Final results from the gravity and magnetic survey that SGL flew for Saturn Minerals in June, over their properties in eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba, will soon be available.  The helicopter survey was flown with tight line spacing (120-150 metres) permitting enhanced modeling of the potential accumulations for coal, hydrocarbons and other minerals.

Drill targets of the summer program were selected based on the Saturn Exploration Model with the objective of verifying & testing a spectrum of certain geophysical signatures to establish stratigraphic correlation between coal-bearing drill holes over a wide area and the potential presence of a large-scale structural control favorable to coal accumulation.  The summer program will be the third exploratory drill campaign for coal conducted on the Saskatoba Project and is expected to provide the requisite data for a more encompassing drill campaign which will be designed to establish coal reserves from Saturn’s known coal discoveries and larger-scale coal targets.

“This will be the third highly-focused drill campaign on the Saskatoba Project” stated Stan Szary, President & CEO of Saturn.  “Like the previous two campaigns before it which were successful in discovering the Leif and Karolina Coal Basins, this program will help us assess the potential of various geophysical targets and provide the basis for a larger-scale area-wide effort to ascertain ultimate resource potential on Saturn’s lands.”