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2D Survey in Northeast Greenland

Posted by on Tuesday, 6 September, 2011

TGS has commenced a new 1,000 km multi-client 2D survey in Northeast Greenland in partnership with Fugro.

This survey will enable customers to prepare for the announced Greenland Licensing Round in 2012/2013 and will significantly add to a data set that TGS has been growing since 2008 in this promising region. After this year’s data acquisition, TGS will be able to offer approximately 4,500 km of new multi-client 2D data, a large volume of reprocessed multi-client 2D data and full coverage of aeromagnetic/gravity data over the basins that are to be included in the planned licensing round.

The new seismic data is being acquired by the M/V Akademik Shatskiy supported by the ice breaker M/V Fennicia and is scheduled to complete during Q4 2011. Data processing will be performed by TGS and data will be available to clients during Q1 2012.

3D seismic survey in the Tarakan Basin

Posted by on Thursday, 23 December, 2010

TGS will commence a new multi-client 3D survey in the Tarakan Basin, offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia in the Celebes Sea.  The survey, TBN10, is the first ever multi-client 3D survey for TGS in Indonesia waters and will cover in excess of 1,600 km2.  The data will be acquired by the M/V Seisquest and will commence before the end of this year, with acquisition expected to complete in Q1 2011.

The TBN10 survey will be conducted over the highly prospective and extensive play fairway which includes a recent gas discovery. The new 3D seismic will provide improved stratigraphic and structural resolution of the Tarakan sub-basin, leading to a better understanding of its petroleum system and a much clearer definition of the numerous leads and prospects already identified on existing 2D seismic in the area.

“TGS is particularly excited to announce this new 3D program, stated CEO Robert Hobbs.  The company has built significant experience in this region through our long-term investment in data that informs our customers about the potential of this frontier region.  This 3D project confirms the further maturation of this important hydrocarbon province.”

The TBN10 multi-client 3D survey is supported by industry funding and also supports the Indonesia government’s overall objective to attract exploration and raise declining production levels.

Norwegian Continental Shelf is under the survey

Posted by on Monday, 14 June, 2010

TGS announced another season of acquisition of long offset data on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) in cooperation with Fugro.  The data to be collected (shown on the attached map) include approximately 15,000 km for the North Sea Renaissance (NSR) survey in Holland, Norway and UK, approximately 10,000 km for the Mid-Norway Regional (MNR) survey in the Norwegian Sea and approximately 15,000 km for the Norwegian Barents Sea Regional (NBR) survey in the Barents Sea.

TGS will dedicate two vessels, Bergen Surveyor and Northern Genesis, during the summer season to acquire the NSR project.  The data acquired by these vessels will be processed at TGS’ imaging center in Bedford, England.  Fugro will also contribute two vessels, Geo Arctic and Akademik Lazarev, to acquire the MNR and NBR data, respectively.  Fugro will process the data acquired on those two projects.

With the 2010 acquisition program, TGS’ total long offset grid on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) increases to approximately 260,000 km, constituting the most important 2D seismic dataset for the oil industry in the NCS. Data from the three surveys will be available for customers from Q4-2010.