Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet trailblazer on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. : Chevy Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual: Car Electronics . Record 6 – 17 Full text of ” Chevrolet Trailblazer Owner Manual”. See other . Rear Seats Rear Seat Operation Safely Belts Salety Belts.

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Always wear your safety bell, even with frontal atr bags, The driver should sit 35 far hack as possible while still maintaining traolblazer ol the vehicle. When the mao becomes smoother, the disc should p’oy. For proper protection when the vehicle is an motion, have Ihe seat back upright.

Pressing she select button will acknowledge this message arid clear il From the DlC display. J your battery has run down The diagnostic system is designed to evaluate critical emission chsvrolet systems durng normal driving This may lake several days ot routine driving. II you slid under it. The air bags In your vehicle may not inflate in a crash, or they could even Inflate without a crash.

Be sure to read and follow the instructions -or your child restraint It yours roquiires lhal the iop strap be anchored, don t use the restraint unless it is ownres property. Product details Paperback Publisher: This setting also engages youi trcni axle 50 help drive your vchicio. I urn this knob clockwise or counterclockwise to manually raise or lower Ihe temperature on the passenger’s sjde ol the vehicle The display will show ihe temperature hrailblazer decreasing or increasing and Ihe word “PASS” will light up.

Don i exceed Ihe maximum vehicle eapaciiy when load ng your vehicle For mo’e information on vehicle capacity and loading son Loading Your Vehiclp on PrigsTo proven! Remove the cargo cover From ihe other ondcap SO that you can remove the shade from the vehicle. A rear-facing Infant sea J iB provides restraint with the sealiny surface against ihr- sack ot the infant The harness system holds the infant in pEace ana.

Press this button In manually selecl the pir delivery mode to thE floor, Instrument pane’ or windshield outlets. Shifting Into a drive gear while your engine Is “racing”‘ running at high speed is dangerous Unless your fool is firmly on the brake pedal, your vehicle coufd move very rapidly.

Download the Chevy Trailblazer Owners Manual

V pur vehicle has an automatic transmission shift lock control system You have to fully apply the regular brakes before you can shift from PARK f ,P when me ignition key is in RUN. Slide the guide back on its storage clip located between itie interior body and the sea back. Ihe compass to compensate tor compass variance if you live outage zone eight. To bo sure your trailblazee won’t move, even when you’re on fairly level ground, always sel frailblazer parking brake and move the shift lever to PARK P.


Chevrolet Trailblazer & EXT Owners Manual: Chevrolet: : Books

Then sit well back in Ihe seat and wear your safety belt properly. You can be Injured II you are close to an air bag when it inflates. These mean there is something that could hurt you Of other people. Hot cigarettes or other smoking materials could ignite them, causing a damaging fire.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Push and pull Ihe child restraint in different directions to be sure- it is secure.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

You can use ii on very steap hills, or in deep snow or mud. If a stalion is weak or noisy, you may want lo decrease Ihe treble. Climate Controls Personalization It your vehicle is equipped with the Driver Information Center DIGyou can store and recall the climate control settings Cor temperature air detivery mode ana fan speed lor two different drivers The personal choice settings recalled are dole maned by trie transmitter used to enter the vehicle After the button with the unlock symbol on a remote keyless entry transmitter is pressec the climate control will adjust to the last settings ol the identified driver The settings can also bo changed by ,anual one cf ownwrs memory buttons ft or 2 located on ihe driver’s door When adjustments are mode, ihe now settings are aulomattcnlly Saved for the driver.

TRAF wifi appear on tho display. Manuxl a collision, people riding in these areas arc more likely to bo seriously injured or kifled. You am now ready to program tho automatic dear locks. Press Ihe remote keyless manuall transmitter unlock button, twice. Be sure everyone In your vehicle is Jn a seat and using a safety belt properly, Your vehicle has a light that comes on as a reminder tn chevroley up, See Safely Ben Reminder Light on page In mosl states and m all Canadian provinces, lho aw says So wear safety helts Here’s why: When the- vehicle senses a loss of traction, the system wil automatically engage lour- wheel drive, Driving n this mode results in slightly lower fuel economy lhan 2Hf.


If a LATCH –type child restraint Isn’t attached ownefs its anchorage points, the restraint won’t he able to protect the child correctly. Push the mirrors back out wOon finished Outside Power Mirrors You i vehicle may have this feature. Mannual tins button to switch between AM. A tape symbol is shown on Ihe display whenever s lape is inserted If you hear nothing but a garbled sound, the tape may not be n squarely Press EJT to remove the tape and start over, Wrule the tape is playing, use the VOL.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Manuals

Press this pushbutton lo hear the tracks in random rather than sequential, order RDM OM will appear on the display.

Press ths knob to change what appears on the display while using RDS. It the an bag readiness light stays on after yo. Put someone on il. Because your vehicle has a right front passenger’s aL bag, always move the seal as tar back as it will go before securing a lorward-fadng child restraint See Power Seats on page or Manual Seals on page Press and field either SCAN arrow for two seconds until SC appears on the display 1 and you hear a beep The radio will go to a station, play for a few seconds, then go on to I tie next station.

Your odometer shows how far your vehicle has been driven, in either miles used in the United States or kilometers fused in Canada The odometer mileage can be checked without the vehicle running. Release the rear set of seat hooks from the floor pms by pushing down On Eha rear port nt the lever i, indicated as 2 on Ihc handle side cover This enables the seat to be tumbled forward.

Failure lo follow this warning couid damage Ihe shell. This dust could cause breathing problems for people with a history of asthma or other breathing trouble. Press the up o r down arrow on this switch la increase or decrease the temperature of the air flowing through the system.