Elementary Go Series – Volume 2 – 38 Basic Joseki – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. By Kiyoshi Kosugi and . 38 Basic Josekis lays out the 38 most commonly used joseki in go. It is broken down into seven chapters that discuss one type of joseki, from. 38 Basic Joseki has 79 ratings and 9 reviews. Aniket said: Poorly placed in the series. Players at the right level for In The Beginning and Tesuji probab.

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Probably better as a reference than something to read. Thom Woosley rated it liked it May 15, Contains unique josekis such as how to handle a invasion if you already have a one point jump. Can an admin move it there? A player who is willing to study the variations and commentary in bssic book will be able to apply those principles even when the stones aren’t josrki exactly the same position as the examples.

I still refer to it during my post-game analysis. Previous topic Next topic.

Book Review: 38 Basic Joseki – BenGoZen

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Basi, if you concentrate only on making territory and ignore influence, the chances are you will find yourself at a disadvantage later on in the game.

It is very useful to read the commentary on joseki that occurred in my games after the fact. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Apr 17, The Endgame To Order by Ogawa Josdki 4-dan and James Davies The basic skills and strategies of the endgame, using problems, examples, explanatory sections, and actual games.


As in any Go book, some of the diagrams might be too dense, especially if jose,i are at the beginner level. Many of the examples in the first edition remain, but an equal number of new examples have been added. By BenGoZen February 6, Mar 29, Fernando Torre rated it really liked it Shelves: As a more advanced player, I had more appreciation for the unique josekis they showed.

38 Basic Joseki

Gianluca Chiodaroli rated it liked it May 06, Thanks for the review, but this belongs in the Go Book Reviews subforum viewforum. May I ask what’s your approx.

I think a certain kind of hard working mentality can work doggedly through the book and that such an approach pays huge dividends. It is the aim of this book to teach the principles and techniques that you must know to play this kind of game.

The problem is that many people misinterpret what is meant when someone says that learning joseki is pointless or that pros try not to play joseki. I find this approach more relevant to my needs and a lot more fun because it relates to a specific game Baxic have invested thought and emotion in. For DDK this book can be merely a reference when you don’t understand how a certain joseki works.

It stresses understanding over memorization, which I liked. We have an odd hybrid of a book, one that is half reference, half lecture. In the second volume of the Elementary Go Series, Kosugi and Davies outline 38 basic joseki that players might find helpful in their games.

Players at the right level for In The Joseko and Tesuji probably won’t get much out of reading this book, since it basically just presents a lot of sequences players should be familiar with without in-depth explanations.


Preview — 38 Basic Joseki by Kiyoshi Kosugi. I found it very dry and uninteresting. As such, they provide examples of good play by both Black and White. As a beginner, I had a hard time grasping anything from the book. A Review of 38 Basic Josekis Posted: Kyu-level players also tend to play defensively and are not inclined to attack the stronger player.

Page 1 of 1. The first chapter lays down 20 elementary principles of handicap go, showing examples from actual games and josekis. The most useful part of this book is that it often goes over full board positions to inform the reader in what kind of situation would this joseki be useful.

Book Review: 38 Basic Joseki

jozeki But be warned that these josekis may have variations beyond what is explained in the book. Through this method of studying I now feel that I have a much better grip on joseki, as to when and when not to use them and even more importantly going through the book I better understand the natural moves of play. Teng Teng rated it really liked it Apr 28, Out of print for more than 20 years, this edition has been extensively revised and rewritten.

Most of what I learned I did learn from my own thinking about meanings of moves and groups. Lists with This Book. Want to Read saving….