Home > People > Alexander De Seversky. ALEXANDER DE SEVERSKY. “The Roman Empire at the apex of its glory flourished in the era of land power. Pilot, inventor, designer, businessman, and visionary author, Alexander de Seversky led one of the most varied lives of his times. Born a Russian nobleman, . On the same day, Александр Николаевич Прокофьев-Северский (Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky), the airplane’s designer, flew a second.

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I am building one. Seversky applied for and received the first patent for air-to-air refueling in Many of its new concepts are universally accepted construction principles for today’s aircraft. Her average speed was Write a customer review.

Alexander P. de Seversky Archives – This Day in Aviation

The crowds are cheering. HE argued that American fighter airplanes were inferior to those of other belligerents. The prototype was rebuilt as a single-place airplane with retractable landing gear and a 1,horsepower Wright Cyclone GRG4 nine-cylinder engine. Seversky rose above all kinds of circumstances and his story is a good one, well told.

Disney was fascinated with de Seversky strategic bombing ideas, and he hoped to win the support of America’s military leaders with this minute film. Born a Russian nobleman, he served in the Czarist naval air service, survived the Civil War, emigrated to the United States, started a great aircraft company, lost control of it, and ended up being best-remembered for writing Victory Through Air Power.


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Alexander de Seversky flew the 1, miles in five hours and two minutes—two hours and one minute faster than Lieut. Requesting a transfer to aviation, he was reassigned to the Baltic Fleet as a pilot in Armament was the American standard of the day, one 0. The Seversky averaged Seversky asserted that airpower was the key to victory and that traditional forms of land and sea warfare had been eclipsed by the airplane.

No wonder the drainage had been bad. The book is written in a good balance of an important aviation personality, author, and speaker and the birth and growth of American aviation progress from WWI through WWII.

He was immediately arrested for his efforts. Seversky was granted an interview with the emperor of Japan who said the Japanese knew they were defeated and the nukes were a face saving method to surrender.

He received the Harmon Trophy in for advances in aviation. By then he had become world renown as an expert in the areas of airpower and defense.

This Day in Aviation

To bring the magnitude of this problem to public attention, de Seversky wrote his best-seller book, “Victory Through Airpower. In de Seversky again made a most important contribution to his new country’s air efforts in the all-metal P fighter, predecessor of the historic P Thunderbolt.


It was renamed “The DeSeversky Center” in his honor, and is a popular venue for weddings. That, he observed, carries huge military significance. She landed there 10 hours, 12 minutes, 55 seconds after leaving Burbank.


It seemed an ideal arrangement, as Edo was a prime supplier of metal floats, but construction lagged for two years. Her winning time was 8 hours, 10 minutes, Seversky sued for redress but while legal actions dragged on, the board of directors voted him out of the company he had created. He attacked a German destroyer in the Gulf of Riga but was shot down before he could drop his bombs.

More likely it was paper pasted on the inside of the wing during manufacture which had severeky been removed and which worked loose from the action of the gasoline and the vibration of the plane. Sevversky this time at a price. Less than a year later he was back in the air, flying 57 missions, and downing 13 German aircraft to become Russia’s top Naval Ace. He was awarded the highest honors his country could confer. Read more Read less.

He entered a military school at age