An easy to read, but totally devastating attack against the heresy of Arminianism. Recommended reading by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady. An Antidote Against Arminianism: Or A Treatise To Enervate And Confute All The Five Points Thereof () [Christopher Ness] on *FREE*. AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST ARMINIANISM or A Treatise to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points thereof [By Christopher Ness] on *FREE*.

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These are the petitions of the believing soul, who is convinced that his strength qntidote perfect in weakness, his wisdom is folly againwt the abstract, and that he is not safe from falling one moment but as supported by the arm of Omnipotence. Thou makest not thyself to differ from others, but free grace does it for thee.

I shall handle it accordingly in this following treatise, using the words Election and Predestination promiscuously.

An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness () | A Puritan’s Mind

If the operation of the Spirit on the hearts of believers be a sure and certain operation, then true believers cannot totally and finally fall away. It is distinguishing love that our Potter hath made us what we are, men and women.

First, It opposes His justice. The justice of God must not be measured by the standard of our reason; what is this but speaking wickedly for God, and talking deceitfully for Him Job The Lord surrounds them with His love, encompasses them with His favours, guards them by His special providence, watches over them night and day, and keeps them by His power as in a garrison through faith unto salvation. I know My sheep, and am known of Mine.


The Lord is with them in their old age Isa Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? If all be reconciled, all must be saved, and nothing can be laid to the charge of any.

An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

The foregoing is proved from Romans God did not thrust Adam into his sin, as, after he had willingly sinned, He thrust him out of Paradise. Predestinating love is like a river that runs under ground, and breaks out in certain places above the earth. Inhe became a preacher at Leeds, and in he was a lecturer under the vicar, Dr.

The effects of it doth accompany salvation, being permanent effects; both on the soul in justification and adoption, and in the soul in calling, sanctification, and perseverance to glorification. Third, What arguments can be assigned, or reasons given, to evidence that this special saving grace cannot be totally and finally lost? That moral persuasion will not bring a soul to Christ; that man cannot come himself, but must be drawn, is proved from John 6: And, if after all, O vain man!

Third, our glorification is free. And the Arminians do call the justice of God to the bar of reason; they dare confidently wade.

That is the resistance here particularly designed; see also Ac 7: He created the earth out of which man was formed. Inferences drawn from the foregoing. Whatever God purposes He always purposed, and ever and doth and will purpose. Those for whom Christ died have Christ for their surety; but all have not Christ for a surety. Then God is not omnipotent if crossed in His designs by the work of His own hands.


The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints will therefore be considered in this last chapter; and the position to be defended is: We acknowledge common grace may wither away; it is not a gift that God repents not of, as that gift of effectual calling is Romans Man is considered in a fourfold state: Here is temporal destruction threatened for neglecting temporal visitations Lu Yea, Paul himself was chosen that he might know the will of God, not that he was foreseen to do so Ac For a decree of giving glory to believers persevering, as their reward, can be nothing else but remunerative justice.

God hath not an imperfect but a thorough foreknowledge of all future things; the means and the end; not only as they may be, but also as they shall be, by His Divine determination.