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If you are a firm believer anani astrology and want to know what the Vastu Shastra has to say about you upcoming year then this app is perfect for you. Anandi Vastu Calendar offers you the chance to find out how you should be spending your year according to Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra. It is an extremely simple app to use that has a nice layout and design.

You will encounter calenda trouble in navigating this app and utilizing the features that it has calfndar offer thanks to its intuitive user interface.

On the home screen of the Anandi Vastu Calendaryou will find the option of view calendar for the year Tapping on it is going to lead you directly to a screen where all the months have been listed out in a simple format. To access the calendar for each month, you need to tap on the respective months.


This will open the calendar for the month of your choosing. Do remember that this app is in Hindi language and there is no support available for translating the Hindi words into English. So, if you don’t know how to read Hindi then you won’t be able to understand anything capendar is written on this Anandi Vastu Calendar.


The calendar for each month in Anandi Vastu Calendar has been laid out in a date-wise vaastu.

The vasfu utilizes a large font size for the dates and allots a large box to each one, which makes it easier to read even for people with vision impairment. You will find astrological info pertinent to each date of the month on this calendar.

Anandi Vastu Calendar APK 2.0

The dates of the month that have special significance in terms of the Vastu Shastra are also highlighted so that you are able to recognize them instantly. You will find notes scribbled on some of the annadi in the Anandi Vastu Calendar. These notes provide information to you about the importance of these dates as per the Vastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra information aren’t the only data that this calendar has to offer ahandi.

Each monthly calendar of the Anandi Vastu Calendar has a lot of extra information scribbled on it. You can gain a lot of knowledge from this extra information provided to you on this calendar.

You will find this information on the right-hand side of the calendar as well as at its bottom. A great feature of the Anandi Vastu Calendar is that it offers you a zoom tool for zooming in and out of the calendar. This feature makes it easier for you to view the calendar in a comprehensive manner. By using the zoom tool, you can magnify the image and view the notes scribbled on the dates as well as the information written on the sides.


You can return the image of the calendar to its original size by using the zoom out feature. It gives them the chance to view the calendar by Anand Pimpalkar bastu is a renowned Vastu expert.

Anandi Vastu Calendar Free Download – vastucalendar

If you believe in astrology then having this app on your phone won’t hurt. Simple user interface Intuitive layout and design Date-wise information for each month Plenty of extra information on abandi Zoom in and Zoom out feature Conclusion: Add a review Tell us your experience with Anandi Vastu Calendar 2.

Please visit our website: Continue to app Rating: Currently Anandi Vastu Calendar is available in Paid as well as free version. Important Features of Anandi Vastu Calendar are: Vastu shastra is an ancient science of architecture and Click stars to rate this APP!