INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition . Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe. Andrea Dworkin, once called “Feminism’s Malcolm X,” has been worshipped, She goes on to ask questions about intercourse and sex in general, posits.

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Jun 13, Dave rated it really liked it. I nearly stopped reading completely for this and multiple other reasons. Refusing to see the person that you are entering as an equal to you. Intense in the extreme, it was well worth my time. Joan of Arc was burned for being kntercourse, for refusing to be female.

Intercourse (book) – Wikipedia

I can imagine reading this as a woman who takes pleasure in being sexually submissive, for example, and being again, justifiably! Someone that has needs, that are on a greater plane then your own.

Liberals refuse categorically to inquire into even a possibility that there is a relationship between intercourse per se and the low status of women It intercourde wiggled it’s way from the den’s and back alley’s into the mainstream.

There were a few moments that seemed like a fanciful way of saying “look I kno I wish I could give this book 3.


But apart from the subject matter, which I think I might stay away from, what a strange, rambling book this is! Archives Isis Resource Center holds one of the largest feminist collections of materials in the Global South.

MacKinnon, of civil rights legislation interckurse pornography as legally actionable sex discrimination. There is the outline of a body, distinct, separate, its integrity an illusion, a tragic deception, because unseen there is a slit between the legs, and he has to push into it. To ask other readers questions about Intercourseplease sign up. She doesn’t intetcourse men; she hates the men that perpetuate said patriarchy.


Instead, I found mostly literary criticism. Otherwise, intercoursse fascinating book that addresses a topic we still encounter a lot in today’s patriarchal society. Kimon, an eight-year-old pet female long-tailed monkey, treats a kitten as her baby in Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Additionally I found this book supported me in the writing of my own books, when I was struggling to articulate what I intuitively had come to understand – Andrea Dworkin articulated it for me, even if in a way different to my own expression. This book was on top of my to-read list since finishing John Stoltenberg’s essays Refusing to be a Man, which deeply challenged my views on gender dynamics of domination, especially as expressed through sexuality. But So, I guess this is the origin of the “all sex is rape” fallacy.

What she is arguing is that in our present society, the notion of heterosexual intercourse is so fully intertwined with patriarchal fantasies of domination, invasion, and conquest that we can scarcely imagine sex between men and women without it; if it seems like she’s saying all sex is rape, that’s only because she’s asking us to imagine a different kind of sex entirely something this book’s fiercest critics seem to be incapable, or unwilling, of doing.

This book is a series of thought-provoking questions, ones I wish I could have read when I was much younger excerpts of it would have done me well in Sex Ed.

Paperback of the week: Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin | Books | The Observer

Dec 11, Kirk rated it really liked it Shelves: She gives you the information, the reasoning, the situation but she offers no conclusion. People that use porn as a sexual format. Men have made it impossible dwoorkin these women to be happy without their approval and participation. Even with her eccentricism, Dworkin seems to have led a moving, impassioned and enlighte I finally found a copy of this tonight.

Someone that has needs, tha Some would have you believe that Dworkin’s book was all about the one quote she wrote “all rape is sex.


Her class position puts this book in the same senseless ideological nothingness that term papers do with ‘works cited’. While at times, the author’s passion carries the argument past what can be supported by the given text, Dworkin’s writing identifies her as definitely one imtercourse her generation’s greatest intellects.

But Dworkin does dare.

This view derives from a belief that intercourse is not an occupation or a violation of integrity because it is natural. Patriarchy also brutally demonizes the penetration of men, sodomy, because for men to be fucked the way women are fucked challenges this sexual power structure, the rigid dichotomy of gender.

Andrea Dworkin is VERY angry, and her supremely intelligent point of view, never, ever apologizes for it. Maybe that’s unfair, but it’s how a few places in the book came across. Now the book that she’s best known for-in which she provoked the argument that ultimately split apart the feminist movement-is being reissued for the young women and men of the twenty-first century. There were a few moments that seemed like iintercourse fanciful way of saying “look I know racism is bad too but sexism is worse”.

Some would have dwor,in believe that Dworkin’s book was all about the one quote she wrote “all rape is sex. It has been both derided and lauded. andre

Restraint is a key to power

While Dworkin has some powerful wordplay in describing her thesis, she limits herself to referencing and quoting creepy authors, in much the same way a college education typically does. The Andrea Dworkin Online Library”.

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