Recommended Practice for. Performance Testing of. Cementing Float Equipment . API Recommended Practice 10F. Third Edition, April ANSI/API 10F/ISO. API RP 10F. April 1, Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment. This International Standard describes testing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 10F at Engineering

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Inner-string Cementing Float Equipment. Anti-rotation Float Equipment and Cementing Plugs. Conductor Casing Hangers and Landing Rings offshore markets.

Specialty extended reach casing equipment. Casing hardware inclusive of: Combination Packer Stage Cementing Collars.

Casing Fill and Circulate Tools. Type Down Jet Float Shoes. Ribbed Down-Jet Float Shoe. Needle Nose Float Shoes. Ream Master Float Shoes. Type Float Shoes Rounded design of concrete nose assists in guiding string to bottom. Concrete internals with single PVTS spring assisted back-pressure valve. Valve comprised on mostly non-metallic internals.

Safely drilled out with all bit types including PDC bits. Typically used on intermediate and production casings, at times on surface casings. Additional benefits include drilled and angled down-jet ports that promote even distribution of fluid exiting the shoe.

Added assurances that string will not become plugged and assist to prevent channeling 1f0 cement exiting the shoe. Type S Set Shoe Shoe with special drillable lug nose.

Predominate application is for liners.

Lug nose contact with formation assists in preventing casing rotation when releasing from apl with the work string. Same PVTS valve internals. Same PVTS valve internal s. Also available in a float collar configuration. Needle Nose Float Shoe An aid to run casing in adverse conditions.

10ff nose for leading edge of casing string allows for effective running through tight spots, irregular well bores, previous casings that have been damaged etc Nose available in aluminum or non-metallic material. Eccentric Nose A;i Shoe An aid to run casing in adverse conditions with off-center nose piece. Ream Master Shoe Milled ribs for maximum strength. Non-aggressive hard-banding applied to leading and trailing shallow-angled profiles of ribs ensure that the shoe will not make new hole.

Optimized Rib width provides full stand-off with good flow area between ribs.

API RP 10F floatation collar

Can be supplied as a Guide Shoe no valvesor with one or multiple back-pressure valves. Cast Aluminum nose material standard, easily drilled out due to numerous break points jets and shorter design. Center hole in nose is designed to prevent drop balls from potentially sealing off thereby reducing flow area.


Type Float Collar Flat concrete surface for landing and sealing cementing plugs. Typically used when PDC bits will be employed for drill out.

Designed for plugs to latch-down so that plug separation is prevented when casing pressure is released.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment – Brochures

Plugs lock against upward movement to prevent them from being unseated while being drilled out. Typically application for PDC drill out.

Casing fills automatically while running. Reliable double-valve flapper design with large inlet. Adjustable conversion qpi from psi to psi. Drop ball-seat size is adjustable from 1. Casing Hardware Hinged non-welded Centralizers. Slip-on close tolerance Centralizers. Solid Body Rigid Centralizers. Casing above the DFC is filled with drilling fluid as casing run continues to 10d depth.

After a fluid stabilization period, the casing is filled with drilling fluid. After landing on the bottom sleeve, it pushes both DFC sleeves ahead of the cement to the float collar below.

Davis Flotation Collar Sleeves and plug land on float collar Bottom cementing plug and sleeves land and seal on the float collar. Bottom cementing plug ruptures, and cement is pumped through and out 01f the float equipment. Type B C Tag-in Adapter. Type T Tag-in float collar Typically used for large diameter surface casing applications. Receiver built into collar that receives adapter on the bottom of drill pipe inner-string. Reduced displacement volumes of drill pipe versus casing.

Fp risk of cement contamination. Allows for lead cement to be pumped until surface returns are seen, then tail. Eliminates requirement for handling large diameter cementing heads and 01f or drilling out large diameter plugs.

Configuration with receiver for adapter incorporated into shoe.

Downhole Products

Double PVTS valve assembly for redundancy to assure cement is retained in the annulus. Erosion-resistant coating for heavy drilling fluids. Back-pressure rating to 10, psi.

Drillable with mill-tooth rock bit, some success with PDC bits. Unique interlocking adjoinment between end collar and bow spring. Multiple bow heights available to meet all hole size requirements. End collar hinges folded inward to reduce risk of collar stretch. Run in close tolerance applications mainly on liners.


Can be run with set screws incorporated or between stop devices for rotation. Cement Baskets Simple, economical annular pack-off.

Commonly used in multi-stage cementing applications. Available for all casing sizes. Overlapping steel petals allow for cement flow-by from below, but help prevent cement from falling from above. Solid Body Rigid Centralizers Centralization through positive or rigid centralization.

Aid for mud wash and removal of gelled mud. Generates turbulence around casing for bonding of cement. Can be made from steel or aluminum. Spiral ribs generate turbulence around casing for bonding of cement.

Resistance to wear and abrasion. Slip-On set screw type for premium applications when enhanced holding forces are required. Cut out of seamless pipe with a laser. Can be anchored to casing with epoxy Can be anchored 10ff casing with Spray-metal stop devices. Type Packer Stage Cementing Collar. Type Integral Casing Packers.

Apo for two or three stage cementing applications. Only one internal connection that effects a metal to metal seal and engages a back-up elastomer seal. Single entry port for installing shear pins. Seals providing internal and external integrity are housed in the tool body and remain stationary throughout operation of the tool.

Closing sleeve held closed with internal lock ring. Sleeves lock against rotation for easy drill out. Minimal amounts of rubber and aluminum are materials encountered during drill out. Ep applications for liners and deeper stage collar setting depths. Same features as Type MC stage collar for closing, drill out, and integrity.

Same flow areas as Type MC. Inflation valves are functioned by differential pressure. Rpp wellbore migration of gas and fluid. Prevents unwanted water intrusion.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Used in conjunction with stage cementing collars for multi-stage cementing applications. Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of first stage cement.

Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of pressure sensitive zones below.