Request PDF on ResearchGate | Cirurgia apical: técnicas, tecnologia e e a técnica cirúrgica, que envolve diretamente a apicectomia, o retropreparo. Bibliografía. Apicectomía. Curetaje · Apicectomía · + Indicaciones · + Técnica · Obturación retrógrada · Bibliografía. Endoperiodontal. Clasificación. Meaning of apicectomía in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for apicectomía Cirugía bucodental y atlas detallado de técnica quirúrgica.

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Apicectomia: lo stato dell’arte in Endodonzia Chirurgica

Periapical surgery of maxillary posterior teeth. A review of the literature. In recent years, periapical surgery has evolved thanks to new diagnostic and technical advances.

A review is made of the literature on periapical surgery of the antral teeth, based on a Medline search and on the revision of Spanish dental journals in the period between and The anatomy of apjcectomia maxillary sinus is discussed, along with the diagnosis of periapical lesions and the relation of the maxillary sinus to the antral teeth.

The surgical technique, special considerations and prognosis of periapical surgery in these teeth are also addressed. Recent studies postulate that the proximity of the antral apiceectomia to the maxillary sinus should not be viewed as a contraindication to periapical surgery, and recommend such surgery in teeth with chronic periapical disease that are refractory to conventional endodontic management, despite the proximity of the maxillary aipcectomia.


Periapical surgery, apicoectomy, antral teeth. La membrana sinusal es un revestimiento formado por una mucosa con cilios que expulsan las secreciones mucosas hacia el orificio del antro. Con respecto a la apertura de la pared del seno maxilar: Con respecto a las posibles complicaciones apicecttomia perforar la membrana sinusal: Microsurgical instruments for root-end cavity preparation following apicoectomy: Endod Dent Traumatol ; Rev Eur Odont Estomatol ; Periapical surgery of 31 lower molars based on the ultrasound technique and retrograde filling with silver amalgam.

Int Endod J ; Periapical surgery of molars.

“Tecnica de Apicectomia con Obturacion Retrograda” by joaquin cesar on Prezi

Int J Oral Surg ; Ioannides C, Borstlap WA. Treatment results of apical apicrctomia in premolar and molar teeth. Rev Eur Odont Estomatol ;2: Success and failure in periradicular surgery: Prognosis in periradicular surgery: Periradicular surgery of molars: Int J Endod ; Endodontic implications of the maxillary sinus: Head and neck surgery-otolaryngology.

Macroscopic anatomy of the oral cavity and related area.

A coulour atlas and apiecctomia of oral anatomy, histology and embryology. Radiographic evaluation of cases referred for surgical endodontics. Radiographic detection and assessment of the periodontal endosseous defects. J Clin Periodontol ; Radiovisiography in the detection of periapical lesions. Computered tomography in the management and follow-up of extensive periapical lesion. Detection of the apical lesion and the mandibular canal in convencional radiography and computed tomography.

Artículo de Ahmed

Pecora G, Andreana S. Use of dental operating microscope in endodontic surgery. Endoscope and video-assisted endodontic surgery. Dent Clin North Am ; A computed tomographic study of the distances between the maxillary sinus floor and the apices of the maxillary posterior teeth. Khongkhunthian P, Reichart PA.


Aspergillosis of the maxillary sinus as a complication of overfilling root canal material into the sinus: Complications of sinus perforations and their management in endodontics.

Root-end cavity preparation after apicoectomy using a new type of sonic and diamond- surfaced retrotip: J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Results of apicoectomy of maxillary canines, premolars and molars with special reference to oroantral communication as a prognostic factor.

Meaning of “apicectomía” in the Spanish dictionary

Int J Oral Surg ;3: Preventing root tip loss in the maxillary sinus during endodontic surgery. The interrelationship between the maxillary sinus and endodontics. Rud J, Rud V. Surgical endodontics of upper molars: Freedman A, Horowitz I.

Complications after apicoectomy in maxillary premolar and molar teeth.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Clinical and radiologic re-examination of apicoectomized teeth. Rud J, Andreasen JO. A study of failures after endodontic surgery by radiographic, histologic and stereomicroscopic methods. Int J Oral Surg ;1: Pronostico Mikkonen y cols.