Ayn Rand chose this book’s provocative title because she was on a mission to overcome the concept’s demonization. Synopsis and background info here. La Virtud Del Egoismo De Ayn Rand. 4 likes. Book. Find La Virtud Del Egoismo by Rand, Ayn at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Critique could proceed, matching each sentence in this text with several sentences of commentary.

The natural world is more driven by reproduction which means that animals regularly act on behalf of other related animals. With money from the sale of her mother’s jewelry, Alisa bought a ticket to New York.

Jul 13, Shea Ivy rated it it was ok. She became too dogmatic and rigid for my taste in later years; nevertheless, she has some very interesting things to say. Adamantly opposed to coercive state and religious power, she built a philosophy, Objectivism, on rational thinking and reason.

She also married a bit-part actor called Egoidmo O’Connor because he was ‘beautiful’ – and because her original visitor’s visa had run out.

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Her I found this book to be worth reading. This is Rand’s philosophy, and if this is selfishness, than selfishness is indeed a virtue. What we are seeing is the constant abdication of private rights to the ruling minority.

Many years ago when I first moved into vjrtud house, I very sensibly put all the philosophy out in the spare bedroom where nobody would ever have to look at it.

I didn’t really get this book when I first read it, but having read it multiple time since, it’s become like a bible. This book will turn you into an asshole once you read it, someone will smack you, you’ll read it again, fel up the part everyone misses about morality being intrinsic, not non-existent and then you’ll live a happier, more whimsical life.


This is egoixmo dangerous admission for Rand, who wants to make state action itself force.

Forzar un intercambio altruista supone obligar de forma inmoral a lo irracional. Spinoza, like Aristotle and Randemphasizes that ethics is about human flourishing and happiness.

People should be proud of their efforts and what they’ve produced. The principle that “One must never fail to pronounce moral judgement” is one that requires our intellectual as well as emotional ability to be able to discern what fel we perceive as being right or wrong, and someone who is exercising this ability is to my understanding,very much in touch with their emotions,but I can understand why a lot of people would want to take her philosophy in small doses.

View all 18 comments. Her first real success was The Fountainhead rejected by more than ten publishers before publication in Her philosophy, while seeming extremely logical does have many dl points.

However, the latter part of her argument makes no sense and she makes relatively little effort to explain or justify her assertion. And Cirtud was pretty bored by Branden’s sycophantic essays.

I’m still not sure how to reconcile this disconnect but this book was basically a nice, concise overview of her philosophy and the principles she espouses. How can someone be of service unless they have their own needs met and they find joy in it?

I found I liked better Spinoza’s formulation of the question of ethics. I think that one dictator, Juan Peron here in Argentina, was given a good answer when he was forced into exile in In case you think these ideas are marginal to the party, remember – it has united behind the budget plan of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan.

The Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism by Ayn Rand

Supposedly a scholarly work of philosophy, this book has inspired many people some of whom I admirebut I found the shrillness which Rand employs in her “reasoning” is matched only by her supreme arrogance.

We must nurture ourselves always, in this way we will have inner strength and the ability to get through life regardless what may come our way. Virtue Virtue of Selfishness: Obviously, eand not a biological scientist, and we know more today about biology than in the s, but she premises her ethics arguments on the natural world- and her basis is incorrect. For millennia, one of the few ethical principles that prevailed across cultures was the value of altruism, i. I also liked the chapter on racism quite a bit.


Apr 26, Anastasia Kinderman rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is a distinct lack of humor and compassion here, as well. Robert Audrey yes, even worse, there is anthropology. Although she tends to take things a bit too far, Rand touches on an often overlooked point of life: You should not trust a politician that claims that he is both a Christian and a believer in the philosophies of Ayn Rand. Quotes from The Virtue of Sel At the same time–and this is more a matter of tone than substance–I do think Rand undervalues benevolence, kindness, generosity.

And it is certainly immoral to suggest that society as a whole meaning, of course, government has a moral obligation to provide a social safety net for those who have been born ill-equipped to face the challenges of living in a modern society, or into familial or social circumstances which render it nearly impossible to develop into fully contributory citizens. The argument develops typically by initiating a fake crisis, then adopts a bizarre definition, deploys unexamined terminology, and piles up non-sequiturs on top of it, often filled with further bizarre definitions and unexamined terms.

She moved swiftly to Hollywood, where she learned English, worked in the RKO wardrobe department and as an extra, and wrote through the night on screenplays and novels.