Bardage · Façade & Vêture ArcelorMittal supplies three standard point profiles, and also offers custom made point profile possibilities, where With this wall cladding, ArcelorMittal offers the possibility to create striking views of the façade in. Bardage ARCELOR type clin. ben 0 Likes | Downloads | Views. Download. Description. There is no description. Comments. ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products Organic coated steel coils Granite® Flat Products ArcelorMittal Global R&D – Sustainability ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat . Bardage aspect métal ArcelorMittal · Bardage en panneaux ArcelorMittal.

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The coils are then delivered to transformers for shaping into end products to be included in building works, generally to precise dimensions, thereby avoiding losses on the construction site. The thickness of coatings i. Indoor as well as outdoor use is targeted.

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Base materials Steel from hot rolling mills: The organic coatings are made from polyester, polyurethane or polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF resins. Declared unit Bardagge declared unit is: System limits Type of declaration: Numbers are rounded off to two decimal places and relate to 1 m2 of organic coated coil.


For greater clarity, the modules not declared have been masked in the tables below. Ozone Creation Potential POCP Use of renewable primary energy, excluding renewable primary energy resources used as raw materials Use of renewable primary energy resources used as raw materials Total use of renewable Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen The process begins with the extraction of raw materials mainly iron ore, hard coal and limestone.


The molten iron from the BOF is poured into a ladle into which are added trace elements to refine the steel to the A continuous coil coating line consists of the steps described below. The entry section Coils are placed on a pay-off reel.

The process section The surface of the strip is prepared for coating. This pre-treatment is performed in various steps.

First, the strip is degreased and then a surface treatment coating is applied to increase the adherence of the paint. The coating process The first coating head applies liquid paint to both sides of the strip, usually primer On-site works Storage on the construction site is bardagf because the coated sheets can be cut to the right dimensions in the forming plant and only the exact quantities required are delivered, thus reducing the need for transportation.

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End of life OCS can easily be removed at the end-of-life stage of a building or Le salon online de l’architecture et du design.

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