Beguiling the Beauty (The Fitzhugh Trilogy Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sherry Thomas. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz- Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner, he is fascinated. She’s exactly. Author: Sherry Thomas Publication Info: Berkeley Sensation ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. Beguiling the.

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I mean, they were sherr, but I didn’t fall in love with them the way I normally want to. Passion Favors the Bold. They slid down the glass pane in long, blurred streaks. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

I’m not quite certain that people got French manicures in the s, but if they did, wouldn’t they get them on all of their fingers? The wind blew like needles against Venetia’s cheeks. I loved, loved it! Sherrt is one area where I think the book suffered, was the it was too short in length. Stay in Touch Sign up. Christian de Montfort had a secret obsession for ten years thhomas his very public personal rebuke results in consequences he could have beguillng foreseen.

When Tony fell into one of his moods, there was never a point in saying anything. You see, the part of the book when she’s in disguise, and he falls in love with her without seeing her face — this part of the book solves his problem, in the way best aligned with his fantasies. And then, to make matters even worse, he uses this is really eyerollingly terrible evolutionary psychology to make himself feel better.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Even when they are actually having sex she asks him the same question and he says something about how he will weep uncontrollably but will still let her go.

And if something were to befall Townsend, he’d be the first in line for an introduction to his widow. During a public lecture, he makes heavy accusation against beautiful women and make reference to her past marriage without making names, but those who knew the scandal that erupted when her first husband died will also know who’s he was referring to I am now even more excited about the next books in the series, especially Millie and Fitz’s story.


What could possibly go wrong?

It’s more interesting than Regency. I deeply enjoyed the heroine, her way if trying to orc I really enjoyed this book. But by this point in the story I was completely hooked and more than willing to give Ms Thomas the benefit of the doubt.

Petals In the Storm. Now he was just another sod who might yearn and thomaz, but never achieve his heart’s desire. There are some lovely islands off Cape Cod, I hear.

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His misjudgment of Venetia was one minor misstep; in fact, I found myself wondering why a man who was otherwise an open-minded, observant, excellent judge of character was so willing to believe the worst of a complete stranger based on the word of a husband who was so insecure he admitted to memorizing the face of every man he ever observed lusting after his wife. Realistic characters, fleshed out setting. Preview — Beguiling the Beauty by Sherry Thomas. But Christian made me fall in love with him so easily.

I thimas no idea how I’m going beautg be able to read the next book, so let us all pray to the Book Gods that Penguin’s library pilot gets off the ground and goes nationwide or something. Disguised as Baronesse von Seidlitz-Hardenberg, she boards the same ship home to England as Christian, determined to make the Duke of Lexington pay. Altogether, this is a fun historical romance with varied narrative tones and a range of character types.

The bare trees shivered in the wind. And yet every year I end up reading a couple for one reason or other. Normally it is a dealbreaker for me, something that causes me to give up on a book almost without fail. Other writers haven’t the skill. As for this first book in the series, it’s a 5-star one for me because Thomas’s writing is 5-star and the romance is so satisfying.


English peerage had suffered from a tne decline in prosperity, brought on by plunging agricultural income. Probably because I went in with low expectations that this author could ever impress me.

It didn’t help that when we meet the heroine, she’s traveling with her unmarried sister and her sister-in-law because the heroine and the sister-in-law have learned from another person that the unmarried sister is having an affair, and they’ve decided to trick the sister into traveling in order to distract her and break up the affair. While I didn’t like Venetia or Christian for most of the book, by the end I wasn’t ready for the book to be over.

As in she walks into a room and people blink as if they need sunglasses.

Beguiling the Beauty

Again, the obstacles here are kind of flimsy, beguioing without anything more exciting going on in the background, the plot was a bit slow for me in places. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Anyway, I think that some of the annoyances in the last paragraph are the unfortunate byproducts of trying too hard to set up for Books 2 and 3 in the middle of Book 1.

Hrnghin, I’m incomprehensible, LOL. Operative words here are “a bit” because there was still a long ssherry to go.

Books » Beguiling the Beauty | Sherry Thomas

Helena pulled her cloak tighter, looking at once relieved and suspicious. Admittedly, this worried me. Over a third of the book transpires over the beauyt of several years prior to the meeting of the two main characters. He had, however, been fortunate in his choice of wives.

I wasn’t so much a fan of Venetia turning coward quite so thoroughly towards the end, but even that would have had me rounding a 4. The book gets three stars because the writing is so good especially so when you realize Thomas is not a native English speaker.