Imam Al-Ghazali’s Bidaya al-hidaya complements his spiritual autobiography, He emphasizes the importance of knowledge and using it. Al-Ghazali: The beginning of Guidance Bidayatul Hidayah The Complete English and Arabic Text By Imam Abu Hamed Al-Ghazali Translator: Professor. Al-Ghazali on Islamic Guidance by husniahyusoff in Types > Books Documents Similar To Bidayatul Hidayah Bidayatul Hidayah – Imam Al-ghazali.

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English Books of Imam al-Ghazali – Available for Download

Ibn al-Mubarak related, with a chain of narrators going back to a certain man, that this man asked Mu’adh: If you are in gjazali desert, go away from the eyes of those who can see you, ana veii yourself from them with some object if there is one.

A man should perform both categories of acts, and he can do so only if he carefully plans his time and arranges his duties from the morning to evening, and is very diligent hidayyah executing his plan. God, You are peace and from You peace comes and to You peace returns; so greet us, Lord, with peace, and admit us into Your house, the abode of peace [i.

Thus when the man says Allah akbar, Allah akbar God is the greatest, God is the greatestyou repeat it. O God, O ghzzali, O praiseworthy, O the One Who creates from the beginning and then repeats ghazzali creation, O Ever Merciful, O Loving One, make me abound in that which is lawful, in Your sight, in obedience to You and in grace from You, so that I turn from that which is unlawful, from disobedience and from all other than You.

It comprise the fundamentals of Din, Important basic issues and excellent virtues. The Imam will loudly say dmin in the audible part of the ritual prayer, and likewise the follower, making his saying of amin coincide ghazlai that of the Imam, not come after it.

Remember that in the like manner you wi 1 he in the grave, completely alone; nothing except your action, will be with you, and only the effortyou have made for action will bidqyatul rewarded toyou. In the last Witnessing, however, sit on your hip.


Whoever goes at the third hour, it is as if he offered a ram to God. The footnotes are added by the translator to provide the reader with more relevant information and to augment the scholarly nature of the book.

Do not repeat to yourself the statements of those who are idle, but follow the men of resolution and prudence — the prophets and the righteous. Do not, therefore, be pleased with that in yourself. If you are unable to be ‘above Standard’, at least strive hard to be one who will be safe. All these members must be prevented from the commission of sins.

In this Witnessing sit on your left foot, as you do between the two prostrations [of every rak ‘a].

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The above is a short treatment of guidance at the beginning of the path of your dealings with God exalted is He!

Bidayatul Hidayah – Imam Al-Ghazali – Google Books

Zr6 the call adhan to the Sunset Prayer, make the responses to it and after this supphcate: Then when the time of the Late-afternoon Prayer is come, perform four rak’as bhazali the obligatory rak’as of this ritual prayer.

Begin to say Allahu akbar towards the end of the sitting which you did for rest, and prolong it until you are half-way up to a standing position. Do not expose your private parts before reaching the place where you are to squat to relieve yourself.

Your being pleased with yourself [imagining that you are free from faults] is the extreme of stupidity and ignorance. How fitting that you should ghaazli against backbiting!

The teacher knows better concerning his secret affairs. Raise your hands so that your thumbs are opposite the lobes of your ears, and your palms opposite your shoulders.

Lists with This Book. In the name of God; I seek the protection of God from filth and defilement, from soiling impurity, from Satan, the accursed. He states the reason why avoidance of prohibited acts is rnore difficuit than the performance of acts of obedience. Take notice, [in this book] I give you counsel concerning the beginning of guidance, so bidayarul thereby you may test your carnal soul and examine your mind. You can purchase this title at http: The Prophet regarded it as equal to a third part of the Qur’an in respect of value.


The use of the hands for these purposes amounts to the This is the fourteenth ‘book’ of The Revival divided into seven long chapters.

There in no god but God; we do not worship anyone except Him, making our religion sincerely for Him, 67 even though the unbelievers dislike it. The feet must be guarded against them all. Hi Elvira Try hidagah website below, email them and see if they hidaysh send it to Bosnia, http: Apalah faedahnya harta yang bertambah apabila immam jadi ghaaali.

Do not shake your hands much so as to splash the water. Assalam o Alaikum …. Check out this link: You must seek to study this ‘book’, for to know that which ghazqli lawful and to seek it are gyazali duty of every Muslim just like the five ritual prayers.

At that time you have to follow the Cf. Do not accustom yourself to lying in jest, for it may lead you to lying in earnest. If you listen with your ear to anything that is disliked Lby God], then that [ear] which was [created] for your benefit will bnng you harm and that [ear] which was meant to be a means of your success [in the Hereafter] will become a means of your destruction.

Lying is among the sources of the major sins. Dehght only in the increase of knowledge and good action for certainly these two are your companions that will continue to hve with lmam in the grave, when your family, your wealth, your children, and your friends are all left behind.

Asrinah Angullia added it Jun 18, Guard against being of the second group, for many a procrastinator is suddenly overtaken by his appointed term [i. The soul is that part of you, the soundness of which leads to the soundness of hidajah whole body.