Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by Jaswant Singh, a former Finance Minister of India and an External Affairs Minister, on Pakistan’s. Excerpts from Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh, the veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader whose views on the. In an interview on the eve of the launch of his book on Jinnah, Singh took a divergent stand from the Sangh as well as popular Indian.

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Jinnah was a great man: Jaswant Singh | India News – Times of India

bok Jul 16, Rishika rated it liked it. Jinnah’s one singular trait, his one unpardonable sin, was his stark and unvarnished candour which was little understood and even less appreciated by others.

Currently he represents Darjeeling parliamentary constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha. Such is indeed the dilemma of every honest person tenaciously clinging to his ideas in the face of unrelenting opposition.

And where did it drag Pakistan to?

Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence – Wikipedia

He is said to have flattered himself with the idea that he would be the ‘last viceroy’ and the British king’s sole plenipotentiary in India. The basic and structured fault in Jinnah’s notion remains a rejection of his origins, being an Indian.

Gives details on how lopsided were discussions on even dramatic decisions like dividing country. While comparing Jinnah with Gandhi, the author quotes Hector Bolitho: It starts with an excellent question – why were the invasions of the Turks, Afghans etc called Muslim invasions and not territorial invasions. I cannot indulge in any form of sentiment.

Known for his moderate political view Jaswant Singh is an Indian politician. In the early chapter the writer establishes the differences between the two nations which later on became the base of partition. A thorough study of all events lead towards the partition of the Subcontinent.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Share this on WhatsApp. A hurt Jinnah gradually consolidated Muslim support and emerged as the primary jinnab.

Read this book slowly and try to observe every single event. This is clearly indicative of the bias that has pervaded much of Indian history through the last decades. But indeed once you go through the pages of this book you realize that sihgh only man who till last time had some thought of preserving a united India was Jinnah.

Of course there is lot to the misery and mystery that will probably remain.

Key excerpts from Jaswant Singh’s book

Jaswant Singh has come a long way from his home ov the desert districts of Rajasthan. Finally finished this tome sijgh 18 months of picking it up and putting it down. While doing so, the author also provides the socio-political context and the interplay of various personalities in British India.

However, Jaswant has summed up well in the end though I dont agree with a few things what he has put in.

The book is actually quite bala When this book was published, it created a massive controversy for Jaswant Singh, when the BJP leadership immediately sidelined him for writing a book assumed jinnab glorify Jinnah. Trio accused in JIT report reject findings, claim innocence. Here is the summary of this book. One of the best writeups on the whole partition and Jinnah. Seem to be very controversial, have to see what the author says. In poetic language the narrow-minded puritan took him to be a kafir infidelsihgh the infidel denounced him as a Mussalman.

The patronage of congress in demonizing individuals is not a recently acquired one but is in the roots of the congress right from its establishment. Jan 07, Zainab added it. Jaswant Singh has done justice to himself and to his readers by writing this book from an unbiased perspective of a historian and not as the spokesperson of a political organization, largely perceived to be communal.

It is a political biography. Jaswant Singh hs put an honest effort in this. Later on the writer discusses that slngh the two nation theory was right then why creation of Bengal happened.


Lists with This Book. The British considered him as a rabid extremist with the result that he was everywhere but nowhere. Nov 30, Atif rated it liked it. Jan 24, Glider50 added it. K Gandhi and jaxwant Muslim and Hindu leaders. Jaswant Singh’s Jinnah appears like a small promontory in a sea of historical rehash and repetition.

This book is well worth a read since it is largely objective, though it is also boring in ob and could have been much crisper and a lot more readable. The portions where Mahatma Gandhi questions him about what will happen to minorities in the new nation of Pakistan, leads Jinnah to claim that sinfh will be taken care of.

Sep 12, Praveen rated it it was amazing. Its a good book,certainly not in the ‘great’ category,but good and to the point.

BJP expels Jaswant Singh over praise for Jinnah in his book

Jaswant Singh’s experience as a minister responsible for the conduct of India’s foreign policy, managing the country’s defence concurrentlyhad been uniformly challenging Lahore Peace process; betrayed at Kargil; Kandahar; the Agra Peace Summit; the attack on Jammu and Kashmir Assembly and the Indian Parliament; coercive diplomacy of ; jaswaant peace overtures reinitiated in April Rendered into simple Urdu or Hindi it would be pure billingsgate — the coarse vernacular of the fish market.

A must read and as all ways A Good Read.

But as i started i was in for the ultimate treat considering the few and far efforts in recent times by men in power corridors. Hence, perhaps the title jnnah the book.