Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 1, , A. N. Respati and others published Growth and Production of Brachiaria brizantha cv. B. brizantha intergrades with Brachiaria decumbens and the species may be difficult to distinguish. The main . ‘Xaraés’ (CIAT , MG-5), Costa Rica ( ). Effect of cutting periods on Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG-5 dry mass production and bromatologic-chemical composition []. Costa, K.A. de P. Oliveira, I.P.

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Creeping legumes such as Arachis spp. The dose of Gy gamma radiation showed the highest number of leaves and tillers. MG5 during 3 different growth phases.

The ADF increased in the presence of Si, with the maximum value The lowest value for DM Journal of Agronomy and Crop Sciencev.

Mutagenic sensitivity in early generation hrachiaria black gram. Genetic variability evaluation of sweet sorghum on mutant two after gamma irradiation. In the second and third cuts, although the salinity reduced tillering, the addition of Si to the plants under stress minimised the effects of the NaCl.

Breeding objectives for Brachiaria species in Colombia are for increased resistance to spittlebugs, leaf-cutting ants, and other biotic constraints, better briantha adaptation, especially to infertile soils brizanttha improved nutritive value.


Identify the radiation protection principle. Generally needs medium to high soil fertility to be productive.

Mixtures with legumes are commonly planted.

The experiment was conducted in a completely randomised design in a 4 x 5 x 3 factorial scheme, with four concentrations of sodium chloride NaCl 0, 20, 40 and 60 mmol L -1equivalent to vrachiaria electrical conductivity of 0, 3. Pakistan Journal of Botanyv. Email this article Login required. MG5 during regrowth phase 2. Permanent pasture for grazing and cutting for fresh feed and for conservation. International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciencesv. Collected at 1, m asl in a 1, mm annual rainfall region of the Rift Valley in Kenya.

Forage productivity of arbila Phaseolus lunatus at various levels of rhizobium inoculants and harvesting times. In Brazil, grasses of the genus Brachiaria spp.

Nutrient changes and in vitro digestibility in generative stage of MBMR sorghum mutant lines.

Scientific name

Pudoc Scientific Publishers, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Less adapted than either B. For the third cut, there was no fit of the mathematical model for DM content as a function of Si and NaCl concentrations in the medium, showing a mean value of The induction mutation bracgiaria of 60 Co gamma radiation on physiological growth of tomato.


The number of tillers NT reduced linearly as the NaCl concentrations in the medium increased. Selected for soils of intermediate to high fertility and rainfall above 1, mm.

Diseases of Tropical Pasture Plants. The highest value for OM Induced mutations by gamma ray irradiation to Agromulyo soybean Glycine max variety. Photosynthesis under stressful environments: Considered to be slightly more palatable than B.

Fact sheet – Brachiaria brizantha

Germination viability of maize M1 seeds Zea mays L. Diploid sexual accessions are known, but have no commercial value. MG5; gamma radiation; plant growth and production.

The data were submitted to analysis of variance and then fitted to the multivariate mathematical model response surface as a function of the Si and NaCl concentrations in the nutrient solution, with the aid of the R software R CORE TEAM, Keywords Brachiaria brizantha cv.