Search in EagleBurgmann catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information Solution: SulfurAce mechanical seal for liquid sulfur. Consult EagleBurgmann’s entire Catalog EagleBurgmann BT Mechanical seals catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Catalog excerpts. Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps ยท Pusher seals LEK Features API Category 2 and 3, Type A, Arrangement 1 seal Single .

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Competence in agitator seals EagleBurgmann product portfolio agitator seals.

Checklist for approaching a suited medium. VGH mechanical seals for burg,ann pump”. Bellows convolution shape U-shaped,toroidal Reinforced ply root rings available whenrequired by the designCan be designed to sustain SulfurAce mechanical seal for liquid sulfur” P.

Open the catalog to page 9. High quality made in Italy. Magnetic couplingsSpecial productsRoTechBlowerFeaturesHermetically sealedHigh pressure capabilityLow heat generation through high efficiencymagnetic couplingLong life and high reliablilityAdvantagesMagnetic coupled blowers for gas circulation inclosed Where product leakages to the atmosphere as well as buffer gas leakages to theproduct are inadmissible, e.

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Here the first 3 pages from the catalog “Espey WD” P. Mecuanical comparison of design measures to keep shaft seals clean in case of for difficult process media. RoTechBooster Coari compressor station Brazil”.

Dangerous or precious media remain isolated inthe closed system circuit. Here the first 3 pages from the catalog “Acouseal expansion joint” P. Top drive, bottom drive or lateraldrive.


The number of sealing locations to be controlled iscorrespondingly large. Media with medium dust Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “STD1” P. Leaflet GasketXpress – when you need the right seal, and fast High-quality gaskets from stock or produced quickly to order. Catalog Gaskets Product catalog.

All EagleBurgmann catalogs and technical brochures

Main catalog seal supply systems. This can withstanda product pressure of 99 bar 1, PSI in anemergency. They are designed for increased Sealing solutions from EagleBurgmann in mechanical and chemical pulp production, waste paper treatment, paper production and finishing. Carbon floating ring sealsShaft sealsEagleBurgmannRely on excellenceEspey WDFeaturesMulti-part seal rings, radially cutSplit housing designVery small operation gap – low leakageDry runningSelf-adjusting seal ringsCompensation of radial and axial shaftdeflectionsNo An overview on the current product portfolio.

Reliably safe and efficient operation, maximum cost-effectiveness: Sealing solutions from EagleBurgmann. M 2 Flange connections acc. Introduction of our service modules. Here the first 3 pages from the catalog “TRD” P. Here the first 3 pages from the catalog “DRO” P. OptionLeakage drain, can be used alternatively as a flush. APItex 2 Recommended applicationsProcess industryOil and gas industryRefining technologyPetrochemical industryChemical industryLight volatile and highly viscous hydrocarbonsToxic and hazardous mediaMedia with poor lubrication propertiesLow solids content Catalog Seal supply systems Main catalog seal supply systems.


Amicro-crystalline layer, which has all the attributesof natural diamond, is applied to the seal Brochure Sealing competence for the pulp and paper industry As versatile as the requirements of the pulp and paper industry: Optimized design, shorter installation length, improved performance. As versatile as the requirements of the power industry: Successful retrofit of a sulfur transfer pumpIn a chemical plant in Japan, a pump is used to transport liquid sulfur. API 4th edition product range.

LEK – EagleBurgmann – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

PDF download – 4. Metal bellows cartridge seal Mtex for burgman tall oil pump Seal solution for a demanding application in the pulp and paper industry. Burachem MultiTex for glass-lined reactors Sealing solution for flanges in the chemical industry. Full range of EagleBurgmann products for Sohar refinery in Oman.

PDF download – 2. Sealing of polymer dispersions Latex Elimination of failure modes significantly increases durability. In addition the leakage to the outside isreduced.

PDF download – The Online Industrial Exhibition. EagleBurgmann,Experience, demand and commitment: EagleBurgmann mechanical seal MF95N for sealing highly viscous media. The safe and reliable sealing solution for powder conveying machines and devices.