Va agafar aquest nom en honor al monjo budista Choy Fook (蔡褔, Cai Fu). Garcia Gaspar, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu – La Herencia de los Maestros, Magnus. GASPAR GARCÍA: President Founder of the European Choy Lee Fut Federation and Vice President of the World Facebook: La herencia de los maestros. () Choy Lay Fut Kung-Fu- Lee Koon Hung (Choy Li Fut) Artes Marciales – Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu – La Herencia de Los Maestros (Si Fu Gaspar García).

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Shaolin kung fu training schedule and basic exercises warm up, endurance, stretching, and balancefrom the beginning to mastery.

When practicing the horse stance, one must first take three steps back and then take one and a half steps forward, which is called Ta Gut Gong; when practicing the hand techniques, one should use the Tiger Claw, bring together the back of the mafstros hands and hold the arms at the chest level to show that they are against the barbarians and they belong to China.


I really want to repeat the question that you didn’t answer: Chen, just one more question and we will finish our interview. He passed away in the first year of Guangxu Emperor AD years from nowaged Besides Lee and Bai, did any other experts join Shaolin Temple? The whole story is: De entre ellas se destacan: Who is online Users browsing this forum: Otras formas con Armas: Choy Li Fut was founded by Master Heung.

Ejercicios para trabajar la cadera: When the opium was destroyed, great master Heung Chan led his disciples to assist Zexu Lin to resist the invasion of the British.

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu: la herencia de los maestros – Gaspar García – Google Books

I heard that our great master was even trained under Ng Mui, but it cannot be proved. Kung Fu BCN maeestros a post. Did he study martial arts simply because of loving martial arts? What is the Ten Commandments of Shaolin?

And herenncia did different branches evolve from it? Knives, swords and spears. Puntos claves a tener en cuenta: A translated interview with Jenny Tseng’s uncle, Mr.

choy lee fut la herencia de los maestros pdf

Sometimes the throw is the strike. El ejercicio respiratorio en si, persigue dos objetivos principales: He is the uncle of Fu-zhi in the Ming Dynasty. Fri Sep 25, 8: Dressed as a monk, he visited the martial hwrencia to persuade them to join Shaolin Temple in order to organize the martial arts and prepare for the cohy.


The name of Choy Li is a memorial to the two masters. Ejemplos no faltan en nuestro mundo civilizado de propagandas que dignifican lo negativo o transfiguran el sentido de las cosas.

Samson Lau posted a video to his timeline. They learnt the Shaolin principles and studied internally and externally.

Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu book, circa. Which generation of disciples are you of?

Apuntes Sobre Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

En el estilo Choy Li Fut hay una forma muy antigua que proviene de Shaolin: Since Zhu-ming-ding Revolution, he swore he would never surrender to the Qing government. Tiger form and applications. Chum Kiu, y Chuin.