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Every time pray as if Every time pray as if for the first time. Prayer Within The Heart. Sayings of the Ascetics about the Compenddio. Jesus Prayer – Prayer of the Heart. Athonite Elders’ Precepts — Every time pray as if for the first time While living on earth, live as if in heaven — without any attachments and in constant prayer. Each and every time pray as if for the first time, or else pray as if for the last time.

Contemplating God is not always possible, but you can always supplicate Him.

Catecismo da Igreja Católica

It is good to supplicate God for forgiveness of your sins; then thoughts of condemnation go away as alien to this doing.

All the spiritual struggle is for humility and patience [sake], and when humility and patience do come, then heed and prayer come, as well.

Pernicious to seclusion is to judge about people or listen in to gossip about them — the mind loses peace and prayer for long time. If you think about the world — you shall not avoid bitterness, and if you think about God — [ you shall not avoid ] sweetness.

For the smart one bowing is hell, and for the good one — Paradise. You want to be smart? You want to be good? Pondering and reflection are for the life in body, while faith and prayer are for life in God. Self-pity during fasting means to pity your evil will and bad habits that lead a merciless war against us and hinder prayer.

The more languishing and whining our ill will for us going against it, the more the soul rejoices and cleanses, and the more it grows up in living fervent prayer. Compeendio just a single prayer in [ such ] a way as if you have never prayed before it or after it, ennclosing your whole self in it. Only in this way prayers open up the heart. Non-absent-minded prayer is true prayer, which — little by little — strengthens up in the heart and purifies it; absent-minded prayer — like peelings exactly — is carried away by the wind of thoughts [ intentions ].

No matter how much time you may be engaged in prayer, heedful prayer is the best. I’ll say at least one prayer but with full heeding and repentancethen — another and another. Thus comes the skill to pray in full heed. When the heart prays in full heeding, it is quick to warm up. Constantly resist the evil will with prayer, although this is difficult, but it attracts grace to the soul; and never comply with the dictates of evil will in thoughts compendjo actions, so as not to become their prisoner in eternity.

If we get used to comply with all our bad thoughts and desires, especially the seemingly trifle ones, then we’ll become slaves of evil at first in trifles, and then — in all our life. Never dream — for dreams are but a step away from slavery to sin. Unless the heart refuses to be a slave to bad habits, incessant prayer shall never take root in it.

If one treats all people with prayerful compassion and mercy, then hostility, envy and hatred go away, and prayer is strengthened and love comes to men. Humility and love for people come into the heart, when cokpendio learns to dq for them and endure all inconveniences and sufferings that they cause. There is freedom of heart and there is liberty of heart. The former is from the Holy Spirit and [ from ] prayers, the latter is from Satan and evil thoughts and desires.

Translation of “mestre venerado” in English

The more frequent the wind shakes a tree, the deeper its roots grow into earth; the more sorrows a heart experiences, the stronger it keeps to God and [ to ] prayer. The heart finds God when between one prayer and another not [ even ] one thought intrudes into it.


No communication and talks could [ ever ] give what seclusion and prayer do. Ranting and absent-mindedness render the mind excited, irritable and spiteful; while silence and prayer — [ make it ] light[ -weight ], pure, and joyful. If love and trust in your self grow, then growing also is hostility and hatred towards people; if hatred and mistrust in self grow, then love for people grows, and prayer and charity become its manifestation. Prayerful power of the mind is acquired in silencewhile in ranting it is lost in vain [ aimlessly ].

Spiritual joy shall come only when you free yourself completely of sin and are vouchsafed pure prayer. Prior to the coming of pure prayer what joy can there be? Only weeping, mourning, and igreka. Duration of spiritual warfare, absebt-mindedness and drowsiness in prayer depend on the degree of non-humbleness, stubbornnessand impenitence of the soul. To let your very heart grow in prayer is the first requirement of the soul. If you yourself suffer — you shall abide with prayer and with Christ, and if you cause suffering to others — you shall remain with ctecismo and with the devil.

There are two states in spiritual life and man is free to choose any of the two: The greatest sorrow and hardest work [ of all ] is to cut thoughts off, and this is indeed [ in itself ] trampling on yourself in prayer. Prayer is labor, but creative labor, and only such prayer satiates the soul with grace. This is why the monk has been given a spiritual sword — in order to cut apiece in the heart all images of the world that pop up in prayer, no matter how dear and beloved those may be.

A mind depraved by desires and attractions is a source of death, but a mind transformed by prayer and grace is the source of Immortality and Life Eternal.

Informações Sobre Mateus

There is no non-being, but what there is one needs to get to know with the help of prayer and the grace of Christ. He who fights with thoughts — can be re-enslaved by them, and he who already abides beyond thoughts in the grace of Christ is ihreja.

There may be Vatecismo only in Holinessdevoid of any sin, and therefore Freedom is perfect purity and Holiness, which are both acquired by prayer.

Give not free rein to your mind, abide in prayer — and you shall acquire humility and shall learn to obey xo will of God. It’s scary catolicq start living tomorrow! Begin to live anew today — in prayer and penance. Immediately one’s own will is put an end to — right away there open up the will of God and constant prayer. He who receives griefs and illnesses with joy and thanks God for them in prayer — stands above the one doing good deeds.

If one begins and ends each day with prayer, then living on earth would not be that shameful. Abiding in prayer and heeding to oneself strengthens the power of the soul, while abiding in absent-mindedness and thoughts-in-vain makes the soul licentious and will-less.

Praying means catokica up the inner peace of the catolicq, which is attained as eternal life in God’s life-giving silence. A prayer of repentance that leads to humility brings in God’s help and catokica in grace and wisdom.

When on the spiritual path a man takes a U-turn, then one’s soul compenddio to petrify, prayer goes away and one gets worse than it was. Which is better — to plunge people into the mundane vanity of compendik worldor to help them climb unto Heavens through prayer? If you grumble not upon the arrival of sorrows and diseases, but take a firm hold onto prayerthen you’ll be comforted upon the arrival of grace and shall raise up thanks to God.

If you get ready to endure afflictions — no matter how long they may last — do catollca be dejected, keep [ hold ] onto prayer and through praying these sorrows shall flash past faster than you [ hold ] planned to endure them.

If your life is marked by full uncertainty and insecurity — it means you have not yet learned to make use of prayer, for prayer implants you living into God. A lot of fun debilitates the soul; a lot of grieving enfeebles the heart; a lot of excitement upsets the mind and confusion arises in the spiritual life.

It is best to abide in prayerand then the soul and the heart strengthen up, the mind calms down, while things come into order and God iggeja living in the heart. If you ponder about your deeds — the mind is distracted and there will be no success, but if you pray for your deeds — the mind is strengthened and the help of God descends unto your deeds. The best of all is to pray for Salvation of your soul and God shall append all the rest to it. Don’t be greedy for deeds and vanity, rather be greedy for prayer and Salvation of the iyreja.


He who grows strong in worldly vain activities grows weak for prayers. A monk without prayer is like unsalted salt. What is the monk’s strength in? A monk — exhausted by fasting and abstinence — enjoys the power of mind and purity of heart in which prayer has found its abode.

A monk enjoying abundant food and vain activities takes no notice that he has been robbed and burgled, for he lacks the main thing — prayer. Shall not the joy of that one who only builds externally — buildings and walls — soon turn into sorrow and tears when the internal has not been built — the unceasing prayer? Complaints for a monk — this is that same grumbling, for he who knows that his true possession [ aqnd fortune ] is in prayer has no need of complaints and grumbling.

The one who seeks prayer — finds, along with the prayer, a cell and a forest; and the one who seeks a cell and a forest — hoping to find in them prayer — finds neither the one nor the other.

Were you to help the world on your own efforts, then you’ll lose both peace and health; if you help the world through prayer — you will yourself be saved and you will help others be saved. While you keep silent — you have prayer ; it takes just for you to begin speaking — [ and ] you have words only.

While you pray — God lives with in you; it takes just for you to catecimso come to ] think about anything else — and there will remain in you only your thoughts. Some people pray to God only when they are in troublewhile others – like also to thank Him for deliverance from trouble. If you learn to not only ask God for help, but also to thank Him for the help received — you will acquire unceasing prayer.

If you pray compebdio then you exist; if igrwja do not have compednio — you have not yet been born. When your mind comes to grips with the spirit of anger, prayer is then already to compenddio alive in your heart, if ddo — zealosly learn to master prayer in humility and you will acquire unceasing prayer.

Learn to overcome evil through prayer even in small thingsotherwise you shall not win in the compsndio battle against evil. Seek not to immediately get to grips with the enemy one on one, be able to defeat the doo initially within the fortress — in your heartdeflecting the countless thoughts. When you learn to defeat the enemy within your heart, you will be able to confront him wherever you may be, and whatever temptations you may run into.

If you let in a thought in your heart — you get connected to this thought; if you you cut the thought off through prayer — you get connected with God. Thoughts have come — so a trouble has come, too ; if you cut thoughts off through prayer — peace shall come. THe who seeks peaceloses it; he who seeks unceasing prayer shall find it. If you try to to take prayer by force — you will lose compendoi if you seek prayer in humility — you will find peace and quiet and prayer shall become inseparable from your heart.

Little birds cannot flutter wings long in flight: Take igreaj example for yourself in beginner’s prayer.

Eagles may soar long in the air without moving their wings. Take their example for yourself in constant prayer.