Anna University Trichy, CS, Internet Computing, Nov / Dec , Question Paper. CSInternet Computing Question Bank.» CSInternet Computing Question Bank. Question Bank Provided by. Kings College of Engineering. Mobile Pervasive Computing (MC) (CS ) (CS72) – Question Bank 1 Internet Computing (ANNA UNIV – Trichy) (CS ) To get 7th sem Lecture notes.

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It is Internet Group Management protocol. A firewall is a piece of network hardware interrnet serves as a secure gateway between an internal network and the Internet.


This document is preceded by compjting response header, which has details about how to display the document that will be sent by the server. A proxy server is a host that makes Internet request on behalf of other machines on the network, Proxy servers are often used to cache frequently requested files or to monitor Internet use within a Corporation.

A loosely defined set of technologies developed by Microsoft for sharing information among different applications. Capability to process forms and prepares output based on form input.


HTTP specification requires that the URL data should be encoded in such a way that it can be used on almost any hardware and software platforms. Style information includes font attributes such as type size, special effects bold,italic,underlinecolor and alignment. One way to translate a hostname to an IP address botes to look it up in a simple text cmputing.


A simple mechanism for adding style fs1401 as fonts,colors, or spacing to web documents. The components are host, an optional port, path, filename, section and query string. Placing the data inside a package of headers is known as encapsulation. The host number is almost always It protects the internal network from unauthorized access or activity, What are Style Sheets?

Gathering user information 2. What is the difference between node and host?

It is a communication channel between web browser and web server. Each script gets its own unique set of variables and multiple scripts can be executed at once, each copmuting its own environment. It is the important approach to software discovery and it is decentralized, loosely coupled.

Write a note on Environment variables. Making the connection 2. An ActiveX control can be automatically downloaded and executed by a Web browser. Its protect the internal network from unauthorized access or activity. How the receiving device will indicate that it has received a message It solves the problem of clashing names. ActiveX is not a programming language, but rather a set of rules for how applications should share information.


Server Side Includes SSI gives you a way to insert the content of another file into a file before the web server processes it. Where is the Menu? Application -It manages your web application. Conversions for representing remote procedure calls and response.

It is a standard for accessing different databse systems. These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them. List down the ways of including style information in a document.

CS1401-Internet Computing Question Bank

To manage the flow of millions of pages. Optical Xs1401 and Networks Question Bank How to request Study Material? With the growing popularity of OLE object linking and embeddingapplets are becoming more prevalent.

Architectural design patterns capture the proven experience of software architectures in the form of architectural patterns, each with distant properties that address different architectural design patterns.