Imam Ghazali () who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Who was Imam Ghazali (RA)?. Imam Ghazali (RA) [ CE] is most famous for his contributions in philosophy, religion and Sufism. He is also known as.

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Why do you worship [Me] for show off and ostentation, even though the good and the bad [circumstances] are both in My Hands? The second benefit is that I glanced at the people of the world and saw that everyone was following after the pleasures and desires from the Nafs lower self that instructs one to commit evil and [everyone] is subservient to the desires from the lower self.

And second [quality] is that [the seeker] is the one who is sympathetic and a doer of good towards [all of] Allah’s creations [which is not possible without purifying one’s soul from all evil qualities and then embellishing one’s soul with all good qualities]. You [now] know from these traditions that you do not need a lot of knowledge. Imam al-Ghazali illustrates his ideas throughout with relevant quotations from the Quran and Hadith, as well as poetry and logical examples and clear analogies which demonstrates the need to cleanse ourselves of bad manners so that we can develop good characteristics.

If you think that whatever you preach you beloevd already acted upon it, then keep this in mind fhazali that Allah, the Exalted and the Truth, said to Prophet Tsa Jesus – Peace be upon him: Buy in bulk and save. Now narrate the third benefit.

For how long have been in my company spiritual proximity and have been listening to what I have been saying teaching? Therefore, it’s better to not respond to this person.

This product hasn’t received any reviews yet. Our purpose is that you should know what obedience and worship are. But if [some preacher’s sermon or talk] exceeds the boundaries of pretense and show i. In this situation, [think and realize] what kind of knowledge will benefit you, so only indulge in that kind of knowledge. That is where you are coming from.


All of you be [My] witnesses ghazalli I have forgiven him. And may the mercy and blessings of Allah always descend on Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who is the best of all [of God’s] creations [from eternity to eternity] and on his descendants and on his companions. For this reason, you should worship me [alone] with sincere intention and devotion [and not to impress any of My mortal creations who are not capable of benefiting or harming you even by a little except by My Will].

When it’s time for dawn, then a fourth angel belovef the proclamation ‘O you the heedless ones!

My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali

Some [people] are such that they think that their grandeur and honor is in displaying anger, beating, killing, murder and pillage and they express their pride ghzaali that. In that [long] time period, what benefit have you derived from me? Instead, I developed obedience [of Allah] and followed the commandments of Allah, the Exalted and adopted only His worship and servitude. If an argument starts between you and someone else [about an issue] and you desire the truth to prevail then your intention to argue in this matter is said to be correct.

If an oppressor has a long life then the oppression will continue longer and there will be more turmoil and corruption in the world and what can be worse than that?

Dear Beloved Son | Furqaan Bookstore | Islamic books

I repeat this [important point], how will belovwd slave enter into the Paradise [without Allah’s Mercy]? You have also desired that I should write a supplication Du’a for you [that you can always recite], so you should search for supplications in the book of Ahadith the traditions of Prophet Muhammad [Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him] [especially] in Sahah Sitta the six most authentic collections of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad [Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him] and memorize them.

May Allah, the Exalted, provide Ghqzali blessings in your good deeds. It is because Allah, the Exalted, does dfar like those who are pretentious showy. You should know that the fountain of all good counsel gyazali the holy existence of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him because the constitution of all counsel is based on his Ahadith traditions and Sunnah outward character and conduct as well as internal states.


Tell me what are those eight benefits? Some [people] are such that they think that their grandeur and honor is in displaying anger, beating, killing, murder and pillage and they express their pride in that.

Now let’s return to our explanation and I will tell you the internal inward conditions for the student and seeker on the Path of God. But if you are not ghazqli to reach this destination [of high spiritual station] then the truth can be described to some extent in writing and speech. But I deliberated on this verse in which Allah, the Exalted, says: They love the forbidden from the depth of their hearts.

Since then, I considered Satan as my enemy and did not obey any of his orders.

Do not be deprived of good deeds, do not be without the knowledge of the external matters Shari’ahand do not be without internal excellences noble inner qualities. Abu Bakr Siddiq May Allah be pleased with him says: If you have the knowledge that your life will last for no more than a week, then in that week i. First, those four things will be mentioned that you should not do. You have told [us] very good things. It shouldn’t happen that he i. Then I deliberated on the following verse: All these things that I mentioned above should be narrated in a sermon [or religious talk].

The fifth benefit is that I looked at the people who were complaining about each other. After this [determination and awareness], I made my good deeds my beloved so that it goes with me in my grave [when I die], will provide me with its company, will become an illuminated candle in my grave, will be my partner in all stages of life hereafter, and never ever separate away from me.

This fact should be in your knowledge that it has been narrated in the traditions of the intimates of Allah saints that Shibli May Allah shower His Mercy upon him said: Secrets of the Koran DVD.