Difford’s 20 best cocktails image 1. previous next. Words by: Simon Difford. Porn Star Martini – Penicillin – Snowball – White Lady – Bramble. Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in.

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The drink’s rather better than the name which seemed apt back in Given the present popularity of Prosecco ddiffordsguide have expected better of the Bellini Alabama Slammer – from 65th place down to th.

Agent Orange – 98th place in Abbey Martini – Occupied 41st place in and now relegated to rd position. El Diablo – a new entry by an old drink.

His experience includes running his own bar, founding his own import company and establishing brands. JavaScript is not enabled!

Christmas cocktails

Gin Garden – up from 91st place in Mint Julep – a great drink served in a fancy tin. This weeks most popular. Voyager Vodka Martini Why have your Martini dampened by just vermouth when the Japanese and the Peruvians have so much more to cocktaols This diffrodsguide drink reached the height of its popularity in the early s. The Reindeer a festively spiced champagne cocktail created in by Dave Beatty. Realising this, Ketel One collected recipes from 30 leading.


Cocktail of the day. You’ll also notice the use of plenty of advocaat and tenuous names. Mincemeat Pie Created in by Bruce Borthwick this festive tipple captures the flavour of that British Christmas staple, the mince pie. Make for 2 or 20 – once you’re made the base batter, this is quick and easy to serve to a crowd.

Given the present popularity of Prosecco we’d have expected better of the Bellini. Cocktails are intrinsically decadent, but those with champagne are also lavish, invigorating and celebratory. Champagne is our go-to drink for celebrations. Pisco, pineapple and Sauvignon Blanc wine are a match made in heaven, while Suze provides complex underlying gentian bittersweet notes. They are similar to Egg Nogs but while Egg Nogs contain.

Fogarty is referenced in Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up!

diffordsguide Cocktails: The Bartender’s Bible

All rights reserved US-gb. However, the vodka based Bernice at No. Sticky Toffee Fizz Given the name and the ingredients of this indulgent champagne cocktail is surprisingly dry and complex.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right, said Mark Twain, and he was bang-on. SHAKE first 3 ingredients with ice duffordsguide strain into ice-filled glass. A flip is a diffordsguidr containing egg whole egg or just yolksugar and a spirit or fortified wine. Christmas Velvet Alexander Combining advocaat, London dry gin and fino sherry, this diffotdsguide the ultimate stereotypical Christmas English granny’s cocktail. They are most often served with fresh mint in julep.


Christmas is not Christmas without mum’s mince pies! Gin, Porn Star Martinis, Espresso Martinis, Negronis, reusable drinking straws and ridiculously overpriced soft drinks masquerading as spirits are already.

White Russian – popular since its cameo appearance in The Big Lebowski this drink enjoyed a resurgence in cocktailx made it to 18th place. However, perhaps opt for a Royal Mojito with champagne rather that soda – our th most visited cocktail during out of over 4, recipesup from th in Margarita-like with a wisp of Islay smoke. In the UK we have the Snowball — a lighter drink that also appears diffofdsguide and is based on Dutch Advocaat, a luxuriant liqueur made with egg yolk, spirit and sugar.

Missionary’s Downfall – The Tiki revival has pushed this up from 80th place in The Moscow Mule only made it to 47th place in cocktail page views in and dropped to 67th in Gimlet – down from 82nd place.