Dux Britanniarum is a set of skirmish wargames rules set during the Age of Arthur . The Setting. The game is set in the 5th century. The Roman. Dux Britanniarum Army Deals – Gripping Beast produce high quality 28mm Metal and Plastic Miniatures for painting and playing, from different eras which. After reading many positive reviews of Dux Britanniarum, and having had great games with Sharp Practice, I got the full set of the game along.

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Saxons caught by British.

The idea is to get the hand which best suits your plans and then play them when you launch your attack to get an advantage over your opponent. If you have more players then by all means briranniarum over multiple adjacent kingdoms, form your own alliances and so on. The vast majority of wargames rules develop the tactical game rules, and then tend to bolt on a campaign system afterwards sometimes, it appears, as a hasty afterthoughtDux Britanniarum has approached its subject completely the other way around.

On the side the Romano-British player also has an eye on the briatnniarum himself to unite the peoples and finally fend off the invasion. Comments britaninarum on Battlegroup: All of these have the potential to boost your force morale, gain your character personal kudos, fire up aggression and other such benefits. What happens should the enemy have recovered from the encounter before you?

His troops were djx or frontier guards and not the comitatenses or field army commanded by the Comes Britanniarum. Review and Beitanniarum Report 11 Comments. The British spent their turn shuffling about waiting for reinforcements to arrive, but with high movement rolls some of brotanniarum would be in position to strike on turn 2 — damn! So the British are the Welsh? With this title, the chaps at Too Fat Lardies bring to life the struggle that engulfed the inhabitants of Britain during the 5 th and 6 th centuries following the withdrawal of Rome from British shores.


The Setting The game is set in the 5th century. Meanwhile, the Pict cavalry arrived at the ford as the British Lord started rallying shock off his Levy.

One of the key cards you are looking for is the Carpe Diem card. Chain of Command Rules Review 19 Comments. If you wanted to play it every week for a year you could, but likewise if you chose a small kingdom with one or two provinces it could be significantly quicker than that.

I sux a game which modelled the warfare of the Dark Ages but did so in a manner which was enjoyable. I like the fact that it is incredibly strongly interwoven with the campaign system and how the campaign rules are very quick and easy to pull off while having all this amazing period flavour built in.

Meeples & Miniatures

The Saxon elites moved straight up the road hoping to pin the inevitable shield wall against the board edge by threatening to outflank rbitanniarum damned thing.

Both sides can use these, but if you britannkarum British the Dragon cards can, not will but can, give you an enhanced result. Repple Depple A miniatures gaming blog featuring reports and pictures from my latest games and the latest stuff off my painting table. This has a range of options such as sending forward your champion to engage in single combat, passing round the drinking horns, calling on your God or Gods for their approval, making a rousing speech.

It starts pretty low-key with these single raids, but later on britanniarrum game introduces sieges, as players climb the ladder they have to take care of their land, build great halls and secure the borders, there are spies, speeches, clergy, regicide, cavalry and so on. Dun Brithon is the most northerly British capital, what is now Dunbarton. Do you get the immediate advantage of playing a card now as britnaniarum as you get it, or do you look to rebuild your plans by holding on to the cards to try to put together a decent run which could give you a significant advantage.

Once you leave the table we now brritanniarum to compare how many of these cards we have in our hands.


Most of them were established during the 3rd Century. The position carried the rank of viri spectabilesbut was below that of the Comes Britanniarum.

The Elite British Warriors could take them out in their fragile state britanbiarum losing the duc would end the game. These are another factor to be considered in your game. July 10, at 3: In addition, the cards provided with the rules are of high quality, much like a standard pack of playing cards. Activation is determined by a speedy card driven system where all units get to act in any single turn.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I am looking for Pursuit cards fux I am chasing you. The emphasis is on keeping the basic game play simple and intuitive, you want a game that flows easily where everyone playing is involved and caught up in the narrative of what is happening in the game rather than the rules themselves.

As a nice touch, each major paragrapgh of the rulebook has an illustrated capital letter, as you may find in such ancient tombs as the Book of Kells or the like, not a massive detail but a nice touch. Dux Britanniarum October 5, Leaders are activated via a card drawing mechanic:. So, allegedly, said W.

Have extra troops been briatnniarum to your Lords banner?

Dux Britanniarum: Rules Introduction and Review • Skirmish Wargaming

Based on this you work out how long the force needs to hire and train replacements, how much plunder the raiding side made and so on.

In britanniaruj text I will refer to two players usually. The British also rolled badly and had a single unit arriving on turn 1 so chose their cavalry. This allows you to play a run of numerous cards and britaniarum really the key to getting an immediate advantage.