Rani, a loving wife, lives a peaceful life with her husband Trilok, a horse carriage driver. However, Rani’s life takes a new turn when Trilok is killed. Buy Ek Chadar Maili Si: Read Movies & TV Reviews –

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His parents are very old. Her family’s crises worsens with the arrest of her brother in law, Mangal. Hangalan old blind man, is kind towards her, but can do little. Edit Did You Know? Trilok himself is rk drunkard and ill-fated but internally very strong Raano has to suffer from domestic violence regularly in addition to the curses of her mother-in-law.

Fortunately, Ek Chaadar Maili Si is one such movie. Full Cast and Crew. Script-writers Phani Majoomdaar and Maakhan Singh have written the screenplay with utmost sincerity and director Sukhwant Dhaddha has done his job with even higher proficiency.

Ek Chadar Maili Si (1986) Hindi Movie Part-6

And the description of village life in Punjab is brilliant: A highly sensitive movie in which every scene, every character and every dialog appear to be real. When Mangal returns home, things start getting normal again but now the members of the e, council known as Punch pressurize the family that Raano is married to Mangal so that sii family remains united and intact and Raano may not have to endure widowhood for a lifetime. Will Rano be reduced to selling off her own body?

Guddi as Sohni Gita Siddharth The pain born out of love. The movie is an ocean of emotion and feelings.

The trauma of Raano is heart-piercing and is inner strength to sustain everything and still do her duty is exemplary. This movie is not meant for everybody also.


Every inch she appears the author’s Raano and nothing else.

Search for a book to add a reference. I rewatched it right after reading the novel, and that made me appreciate the film more.

Top Rated Indian Movies. And, when she is forcibly married off to Mangal, the coming to terms with the fact that she is now wife to the man she once called son. Raji Poonam Dhillon a gypsy girl, plays Mangal’s love interest, who leaves the scene once he gets married.

I will try to get the book and read it, preferably in Hindi. The youth who is from a well-off family is sentenced to imprisonment but Trilok’s family is totally destroyed. She should, literally, cover him with a sheet, make him hers. Hindi Movies based on published literature. After a log of suffering for these characters, especially Raano, the movie chadsr ends on a happy note when the matrimonial alliance of Guddi is fixed.

The rural Punjab has come alive vhadar the screen courtesy the locations chosen and the brilliant job done by the cinematographer. For Rano and Mangal have so far shared not a relationship of in-laws, but almost of mother and son: But this chaadar is a filthy one, stained and tainted.

Ek Chadar Maili Si () Hindi Movie Part-6 – video dailymotion

Besides, the character of Mangal’s sweetheart Raaji appears kaili have been given too much footage to insert song, dance and romance in the narrative because it’s in undertone in the novel. Real-time popularity on IMDb. Not terribly dark throughout, but the very premise of it—the tradition of chaadar daalna —is scary. Guy eating melons with Mangal Neena Cheema Her mother-in-law, Zinda Dina Pathakconstantly berates her for her inadequate dowry, even years after her marriage.

The movie starts with her and ends with her only. Hema Maalini despite her advancing years looks much more beautiful than the other female cahdar many years junior to her. Aug 28, Mangal has a good nature and share a very jovial relationship with his Bhaabhi sister-in-lawi.


However the climax is unconvincing and appears to be forced to make a happy ending to the sorrow-filled profound movie. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only her father-in-law, Hazur Singh A.

Making a movie by adapting some novel or story or play is a delicate job with enormous responsibility attached to it because no filmmaker has a right to play with the spirit of the written work. More than 20 years, Dharmendra discouraged his wife Hema Chqdar from taking Geeta’s role, since he felt that the project was jinxed.

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Just a moment while chsdar sign you in to your Goodreads account. How can a mother now bed the man she has regarded as a son?

Ek Chadar Maili Si () – IMDb

Nothing appears to be unreal throughout the duration of the movie. All the characters except those of Raaji and the killer of Trilok are real flesh and blood chaar which we can see or could see in that period of the sixties in the real life. Add the first question. However this is a showcase of the dream-girl’s acting talent. The complete milieu is realistic.