Buy El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) by Roberto Ampuero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Novela policial en que el mismísimo Pablo Neruda contrata al detective Cayetano Brulé para resolver un caso: la búsqueda de una misteriosa mujer. : El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Ampuero and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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El Caso Neruda

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Far from “a glimpse into the life of Pablo Neruda as death approaches,” at worst, Ampero’s fiction comes off like a posthumous xaso on this a,puero, world-famous, inspiring poet and communist Through Cayetano taking on Pablo Neruda’s case, we get to learn more about Pablo Neruda and casi pol “The Neruda Case” is a great book is a mystery that stars the neruad poet and one of my very favorite poets personallyPablo Neruda.

In the middle of the beginning paragraph, I started to wonder whether it was the translation that was The problem for Latin American language authors is that people have a tendency to compare to some pretty heavy hitters, like Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, or Luis Borges.

Paperbackpages. The occasionally beautiful narration, the fact that I love the setting, and my love of Neruda’s poetry kept me reading as long as I did. A detective hired by Pablo Neruda, who encourages nfruda to read Maigret novels for his training set against a backdrop of political upheaval in Chile on the eve of Pinochet’s rise to power, intrigue, communists and more.

All I recall was that Neruda spoke so softly that I could barely hear, let alone understand a word. Internally, very serious pressure is mounting on Allende, who, nonetheless, visits by helicopter to talk with his favorite poet.

El caso Neruda by Roberto Ampuero

Cayetano remarks on Brecht: His wife whom had left him to become a revolutionary in Cuba was right to criticize his skepticism, his refusal to embrace any cause, his tendency to watch things from a distance.

The search turns from a man to a woman and child. His peace is shattered when another man walks into the room and they begin talking. Current foreign ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Neruda becomes more ill and dies before Cayetano can tell him what he had discovered The powers that be reserve the title of hero for their cannon fodder. Ampuero makes no ampudro of the fact that Neruda suspected a doctor of injecting him in the stomach with an unknown substance for the purpose of murdering him at the order of Pinochet.


It is such a multilayered and interesting book, by turns witty and suspenseful.

Here the Cuban-born Cayetano is still a recent arrival: But all three times I was petrified The prose—or is it the translation? In this period his political thought began to change.

The Neruda Case – Canada.

A slow plot in parts and one which develops over the whole book but what this leaves you with is a full and immersive impression of Chile, its history, and its people.

Rooberto has his doubts, but he also has little better to do — and who can turn down a request from a living and also dying legend? I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but back in college, I had a focus in Latin American politics so that area of the world is absolutely fascinating to me.

While I get that you have some liberal misgivings about the methods of your fascist predecessors, it’s also understandable that you wish to rationalize our successful and democratically-elected socialist government in Chile and other similar revolutions around the world through the eyes of the current ruling liberal elites–the main beneficiaries of that fascist coup: Jun 16, Bert Hirsch rated it really liked it.

Then in he obtained a B. Ampuero pulled off the feat of writing in two distinct styles.

Towards the end of this novel, my mind began to wander. Seeing it is the first novel of a long-running series, I certainly hope that they take the time to translate more, because the book was highly enjoyable.

The characters in each city are on the left, before the fall of the Soviet Union. At a dinner party one evening he comes across the poet Pablo Neruda who won the Nobel Prize for Literature injust two years previously. He himself was not the same after meeting the poet. Had a decent enough time reading it, flows nicely. In Chile his works have sold more than 40 editions.


The Neruda Case – Roberto Ampuero

In Ampuero departed from Rl Germany and returned to his native country. The historical aspect was especially interesting to me, since I don’t know much about Chilean history.

The absolutely unusual aspect of this book is that—from a feminist perspective—it deconstructs the personal choices of Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet. With such a thrilling backdrop, the story of Neruda and his mystery search shows a side to Chile never seen before and a poet and his life which takes centre stage.

I received an uncorrected proof of this book as a winner in a Goodreads First Reads drawing.

Ian McEwan wrote of a fictional Nobel Prize-winning scientist in Solarapmuero managed the nuance mixed much ribaldry but did not base his work on just one man.

Additionally, nrruda present-day scene at the beginning felt forced and the time shift to the past was jarring. In he moved in with a Swedish family, residing in Stockholm. That is patently unfair of course, but people will carry with them these expectations into the book. But while this book claims to offer ” This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat Return to Book Page.

El caso Neruda

The book was beautifully written. It’s amazing to me that Ampuero has the audacity to take such very serious liberties with such a heroic figure as Neruda, attributing totally fictitious words, feelings nerudw, thoughts, regrets, behaviors, events and relationships to Neruda! Through Cayetano taking on Pablo Neruda’s case, we get to learn more about Pablo Roberrto and the politics of s Chile, which was a very tumultuous but fascinating time in the country.