Unimat SL and DB lathes: unused, boxed examples publication titled: “First Junior Instructions for using The Emco Unimat Universal Machine Tool”. EMCO Hobby Machine Instruction Manuals and Spare Part Lists. Below are links to instruction manuals for various machines. Unimat 3. Spare Parts List. unimat,lathe,belts, manual, book emco, edelstaal,parts, db, sl, unimat 3, mini lathe, db, sl

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Eventually to be distributed world-wide – with importers using a variety of badges on the headstock – the first known advertisement for what was to become known unimaf the DB in the USA, and SL in Europe, has been traced to page 60 in the October, issue of Model Railroader Magazine and placed by the original American importer Plasticast of Chicago, Illinois and Palo Alto, California.

The first kind splined drive-bar used to move the cartridge was fitted with a very short, plain handle but later a black knob was added and finally the handle retaining the ballwas lengthened.

As an example of the confusion that reigned an original, unused lathe from has uni,at found fitted with watt rpm motor but accompanied by a 3rd edition Operator’s Manual stating that a 65 Watt, rpm unit was fitted. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Several uunimat of handwheel were used, all turned from steel and plated silver or black.

From the start of production the motor bracket came with an idler pulley – but machines have been found without this fitting possibly to ease the fitting of a particular accessory and hence only 6 instead of 11 speeds. The same catalogue also shows a unique tool block DB with two T-slots running front to back and a single clamp screw with a clamp piece.

UK-market badge from the Elliott era. Emco Unimat Model W: That section of the base on which the headstock fitted was rectangular in shape, with a flat front, and bored to accept a large “inverted-cone” that allowed the headstock to be rotated or quickly detached. Production of the “W” continued into the dies-cast era but, with so few about, only limited numbers can have been sold.


EMCO-UNIMAT Model SL Operating Manual pdf – CNC Manual

This example also has a locking screw on the cross slide. Tailor your auctions with Auctiva’s Listing Templates! Finally, with an expanding range of products, and a move into CNC machine tools, Maier grasped the nettle and brought the marketing and distribution in-house. Again, with over-lapping production, it possible that these handwheels may have been seen first on the last examples of the previous type.

It is likely that the Mk. Expect some handwriting and grease smears. PZB delta cap, 0. Have one to sell? It must be emphasised that the manufacturer did not use these, nor were the alterations given any publicity at the time.

American machines all appear to have been delivered in a rather splendid fitted wooden box – while European customers, apart from those sold during the mid to late s, had to be content with finest-quality cardboard.

The belts are sized not only for low and medium speed operation, but also to allow for the forces placed upon them at higher speeds. Constructed as a one piece casting, the first tailstock had a distinctive spindle-retaining nut, just inboard of the handwheel, and a very pronounced rearward cantilever to maximize the machine’s limited between-centres’ capacity. Here is something of interest from my belt specifications: The tension is a percentage of the pitch length and is in the middle of the recommended range.

EMCO-UNIMAT Model SL Operating Manual

Subject to credit approval. Vintage Flyers, Price list, Acessory catalogs, Paper material.

If you feel the item was represented in error, please contact me. Motors used on this model included the Dutch-made painted type the large “round” versionan manuual example of the very much stronger and reliable U90 but with more sculptured end caps as shown in the large picture in the brochure and the “regular” U90 in a colour to match the lathe.


The cross slide followed the same design and, just like the English Drummond Little Goliath of 25 years earlier, ran on two bars instead of conventional machined ways. It was designed to hold the small triangular tool rest or other accessories at the standard cross-slide height.

I tried O’ rings. Colours, as ever, pose a problem and instead of a single, standard finish, examples have been found in crackle-black, a light plain flat grey and others in either silver-blue or silver grey – with the latter two in a emxo paint. It may manuap that an earlier model was advertised in – but a search by the writer’s German contacts through hobby literature of that year has drawn emdo blank – hence this is likely to have been not just the first American, but the first ever advertisement for the Unimat.

This unit contains three small capacitors within the single casing and it is not unknown unlmat one to have short circuited to earth internally.

In the s and eco very few European countries used the same voltage for their domestic supplies and Emco had to supply a wide range of motors to cover every possibility – new examples of which are still being discovered.

Realising that one 6 mm screw clamping the casting to the slide bar was entirely adequate, Emco did not persist with this modification.