The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende En “Estrella Distante”, una novela corta pero intensa, Bolaño traza la . Estrella distante has ratings and reviews. Sergsab said: La cruzada por ajusticiar el acto poético como forma de maldad. La importancia máxima. Estrella distante has ratings and reviews. Sawsan said: روبرتو بولانيو يكتب عن شيلي فترة السبعينيات وما بعدها, ويسجل الواقع السياسي والأدبيالر.

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For a while, he is the talk of the town, but then he too disappears, and the rest of the novel like the first few hundred pages of is a literary search for traces of him, taking the writer ultimately to Europe.

Estrella distante (Coleccion Compactos)

I don’t know if it was due to the translation or not, but I felt like I was watching a foreign movie in which I didn’t catch the cultural references that others might. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But it also drifts, gelling neither into a novel nor separate enough to be a story- or even anecdote- collection. Some claim to be poets and not political.

Bolaño, Roberto () Estrella Distante (Distant Star) | Blogging The Classics

Distant Star New Directions Paperbook. With that said, if you read because you’re actively interested in revolution and not cause you want to get your titillated rocks off: Journalistic exposition i This brief novel reads like a cripplingly long newspaper article. Sin embargo, no entro.


estrelka I got to say I’m happy for the person who was one step ahead of him in line for the liver transplant, but It’s great stuff, with some wonderful invention, but it often feels more like dazzling display than furthering any aspect of the narrative. Poetry, Politics, Ideas, and Acts of Violence The volatile mix of poetry and politics in Latin American countries is well known and often figures in literature.

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I must applaud it for sheer inventiveness and bits of it definitely precurse certain parts of Set up a giveaway. And it’s no surprise.

Un artista o un criminale? That isn’t to say the book doesn’t have it’s fair share of interesting moments and unique images–perhaps the most powerful example is the suspenseful description of Wieder’s photography exhibit for a party of fellow Chilean air force officers–but it’s all conveyed in a style that requires a particular personality in order to be appreciated.

While robetro on the list was a translation as this wasthis one didn’t seem to flow as well. Los detectives salvajes Spanish Edition. I really want to read more Bolano after this. Apr 21, Araceli.

There are figures that appear, and then are disappeared. His most extreme excursion into this genre is probably Nazi Literature in the Americasa catalog of ultra-right-wing or fascist writers in both continents, political fiction displayed through the medium of bibliographic fact. I think there are parts that are really good and others full of tedious details.


All the same, a keyhole view of horror can be more suggestive than a door opened wide.

Estrella distante by Roberto Bolaño (2 star ratings)

Belano and friends are Distant Star is a book about the difficulty of forgetting the past when it’s so inextricably tied to the present, and the difficulty of remembering the specifics of that estre,la past without seeing them through the scrim didtante the present.

Refresh and try again. Jan 03, Lee rated it really liked it. The narrator is recounting the time when he was in college, inbefore Pinochet. He continued with his poetry, before shifting to fiction in his early forties. This work, Distant Star, was expanded from a chapter of another of his works, Nazi Literature in the Americas. The past of the characters, of Chile, and of South America hangs like haze over this book, not exactly having a distinctly memorable body of its own, but recognizable by robfrto effect alone, by the pall it casts over the atmosphere at all times.

Quello che il romanzo perde in compattezza, lo recupera in aperture: View all 20 comments. Quotes from Estrella Distante.