Archived from groups: -sound, (http://www. )I’ve been offered a pair. View and Download Electro-Voice T brochure & specs online. Trapezoidal Stage Speaker System. T Speaker System pdf manual download. You should be able to copy this with info and a box model program. Is this the cabinet you were after? moray james. Back to Top. moray james.

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The ELX seem to be an entry level. Not saying they are bad cabs.

Electro-Voice T+ – inch Two-Way Speaker

It was on par with the jbl type cab but I liked the ev better. Can you send my International shipment as a sample or a gift?

I call it putting a bead of hot glue around the surround. By that time I had found Simply Speakers, read about your glue, and ordered a tube.

The amount of time and work saved over doing it the old way, makes it a bargain. If we did make a mistake fv contact us and we will be glad to take care of it right away. It was also very helpful to see how slowly the adhesive sets up, and to keep turning the speaker and pressing the foam into place until the adhesive holds. We can help you in determining which parts you need. I won’t buy without listening and comparing, and I will hear them before I decide t21 sure, but until then Can Simply Speakers help?

Electro-Voice T251 Brochure & Specs

Below are a couple of photos of our shop in St. SS Audio is our trademarked in-house brand of speaker foam replacement kits, speaker diaphragms, recone kits, speaker grill cloth, and more!


For a single 15 cabinet, it is pretty large, and it only has a 1 inch exit on the horn. If your speaker needs a different size kit and you attempt to glue it, there are no returns!

Thanks again for your great service and keep up the great work! The one person I know that has the T’s says they have smooth midrange, thus my interest in them.

How can I add an item to an order I’ve already paid t2511 They are basically a club sized big, loud rock and roll box. I have the option to buy 4 of the ‘s btw I’m powering with a PLX Usually when someone states ‘2″ driver’, they’re talking about the exit, not the diaphragm size. I have 4 of them, and are wery happy. If that were the case, large format EV drivers would be called 3″ drivers and large format JBL drivers would be called 4″ drivers, but they’re not.

IMHO it’s about as good as you can get with a 1″ exit.

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Shipping was super fast and service was first rate. Every step of the process, from initial communication to return shipping, was superbly handled, and the quality of the workmanship dv the surrounds is sublime. They fit perfectly, and would you believe the glue provided lasted until I finished the second speaker?

You might have a blown fuse, bulb, or defective crossover or component. All I can say is that Simply Speakers is the most eb and courteous company with which I have ever done business. Definitely no arena tour box, or something to use for those corporate gigs where image is everything unless they have a scrim to hide your loudspeakers.


As described above, if you just need something that will get loud, and do it cost effectively without sounding terrible, they might do the job for you. I am certain that there are better sounding loudspeakers out there, but if you can get a reasonable deal on these, AND they are the right tool for your job, I’d probably snap them up with the realization that bi-amping them and doing some serious DSP alignment would be in order to really make them sound acceptable.

What can I do if my shims do not fit inside the magnet of the f251 I am reconing? t2511

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What happens if the parts I ordered do not fit? That being said, the DH2T is a 1″ driver that featured a cleverly marketed scheme by EV to pass it off as a 2″ driver. You all made the process as painless as possible and I actually enjoyed doing it myself! If the horn is still defective feel free to contact us to make arrangements to return the item for inspection and to receive a replacement diaphragm. We are here for you if you need us!