The Footprints of God is a thriller novel written by American author Greg Iles. It was published in hardcover in by Scribner, then in March by Pocket. The Footprints of God has ratings and reviews. Mike said: We were introduced to Greg Iles when we attended one of my partners weddings in Natch.. . Wildly unbelievable tale of a sentient computer that—what else?—seizes control of the Internet, the world’s military defense systems, and a.

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He i Audiobook, downloaded from online Library. He’d had cocktails in the White House, anyway. Return to Book Page. Fleeing for his life alongside psychiatrist Rachel Weiss, the only hope for survival lies in revealing the shocking connection between Trinity’s apocalyptic power and David’s tortured mind. The characterizations are in-depth, compelling and authentic. To ask other readers questions about The Footprints of Godplease sign up.

We were passing each other in the hallway when he pressed the watch and chain into my hand. As the project’s ethicist, Dr. I looked more like a hunted criminal than a grieving friend. Much too long, not believable, too much religion, almost stopped reading many times.

Who but the person who had murdered him? It was abridged, and maybe I was missing something. I started to get up, then sat back down. There was no pain. He reached for the receiver, but the event taking place within his cranium suddenly bloomed to its full destructive power. Only one person would send me a package under the name of the author of Alice in Wonderland.


This article about a thriller novel of the s is a stub.

I’d seen it through the sheer curtains, but I was sure. More than a little irritated to find that the dead could be as bothersome as the living, I picked up the Ziploc containing the letter and carried it to the front room.

With my left hand, I unlocked the door and pulled it open to the length of the chain. Plot summary [ edit ] The story revolves around a supercomputer being built in a secret government lab working on a project called Trinity. No square foot of the Trinity complex was free of surveillance and recording devices. They take a bizarre turn when he sees himself as an NSA assassin sent to kill him, and also as his dead friend, Andrew Fielding, in his last moments.

Fielding’s letter had changed nothing. He took a drag on the cigarette and looked down at his desk. That was all the spouses usually got — random surveillance from cars — but you never knew.

Do not recommend to anyone. He grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in This is the first Greg Iles book that Footprins was not enthused foltprints.


The Footprints of God

By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. So what the hell was he up to that day?

Books of the Week. Greg still lives in Natchez, Mississippi, with his wife and two children. When I said “Project Trinity,” the White House operator put me through to a man who gruffly asked me to state my grreg. Tennant suffers from a series of regression episodes, which are considered to be seizures by his doctor, who says they are caused by overexposure to a super- MRI scan.

The Footprints of God — book review

I really like Greg Iles audios, but this one was a lemon that I am glad I only paid a dollar for. Greater even than humanity, I fear.

Is David Tennant going mad, is he plain delusional, or is he telling the unvarnished and horrifying truth? I’m professor of ethics at the University of Virginia Medical School, and if you’re watching this tape, I’m dead.

No one’s symptoms were the same. Quotes from The Footprints of Something slammed against the wood.