IPPF – Practice Guide. Developing the. IT Audit Plan. Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG) Written in straightforward business language to address a timely. GTAG series serves as a ready resource for chief audit executives on . IT Audit Plan Development Process. . 5. PErforming A riSk ASSESSmEnt. Start studying GTAG Developing the IT Audit Plan: Glossary. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Become a Global Guidance Contributor. Created and run by the venerable Jim Kaplanthe organization’s mission is to develop a complete “utility” for gtsg information, products, and services. This resource description includes key information, plus links to additional information at the rule or standard’s publisher.

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The audit frequency should be commensurate with the criticality and risk of the IT system or process. Why should you have to pay auditors, analysts, and consultancies for information that’s already out there? Turn off more accessible mode.

Trending Pulse of Internal Audit. The audit plan must be developed based on audit materiality. Many functions here will tje work and some significant content will be inaccessible.

Back Establish and maintain the audit plan for the audit program. The Institute of Internal Auditors IIA is a powerful research and guidance organization focusing on audit principles and processes for business and IT functions.

GTAG 09 Identity and Access Management This guide provides insight into identity and access management and what this means to an organisation. T2P is a knowledge hub through which you can find valuable information nodes, resource collections, and organizations that are helping people like you already, but in fractured ways.

IT Auditing – Schedule

GTAG 10 Business Continuity This guide describes the knowledge needed by organisations and internal auditors to address the effectiveness and impact of business recovery capabilities. Mission of Internal Audit. Download Official information page. What is internal audit?


Pg 11, Exam Tier I Obj 8. Assess the quality of the audit program in regards to its documentation. The purpose of this guide is to outline a framework for assessing project-related risks. Define and understand the IT environment. Specification, Not all audit areas should plna reviewed during each audit cycle. Skip to main content.

Understand the organization and how IT supports it. Global Public Sector Insights. The internal audit plan should be based on the risk assessment and be approved by the audit committee. GTAG 13 Fraud Prevention and Detection in an Automated World This guide is to inform and provide guidance to i audit executives CAEs and internal auditors on how defeloping use technology to help prevent, detect, and respond to fraud.

This GTAG also provides an example of a hypothetical organization to show how to execute the steps necessary to define the IT audit universe.

The frequency of the auditing should be determined during the annual audit planning process arising from the internal audit’s annual risk assessment. T2P bridges the gaps between IT governance and practice, technology and business, regulation and control, risk management and market pressures, and the knowledge of you and your peers.

This Control directly supports the implied Control s: This guide provides assistance to chief audit executives in the development of a risk-based IT audit plan. Developing the IT Audit Plan Results from several IIA external quality assessment reviews reveal that developing an appropriate IT audit plan is one of the weakest links in internal audit activities. It also suggests internal audit areas for investigation. BeyeNETWORK provides resources and professional community support for business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality.

App A Objective 2: If the auditor is performing test procedures that contradict the reason for which the test was based, the auditor should modify the audit procedures that were planned to be executed.

Due to the high degree of organizational reliance on IT, it is crucial that chief audit executives CAEs understand how to create an IT audit plan as well as determine the frequency of audits and the breadth and depth of each audit.


Publications Internal Auditor Newsletters Blogs. Member functions are locked. GTAG 07 Information Technology Outsourcing 2nd Edition This guide provides information on the types of IT outsourcing, the life cycle of IT outsourcing, and how internal auditors can approach risk in connection with this. This GTAG also provides an example of a hypothetical organization to show CAEs and internal auditors how to execute the steps necessary to define the IT audit universe.

This guide provides direction on how to scope an internal audit of user-developed applications UDAs. App A Objective 6: T2P seeks to create a common pool of knowledge—one big brain—that lets you work more efficiently, build technology and business practices more effectively, and endure audits more effortlessly.

GTAG 08 Auditing Application Controls This guide provides assistance to chief audit executives with information on application controls along with a sample audit plan, and a few application control review tools. Many times, internal auditors simply review what they know or outsource to other companies, letting them decide what to audit. This guide describes the knowledge needed by organisations and internal auditors to address the effectiveness and impact of business recovery capabilities.

The qudit of the audit is based on the likelihood and the impact of risk occurrence in relation to the objectives of the organization.

Global Perspectives and Insights. Please enable javascript or switch to a devellping browser to access full functionality and content. Committee Members and Chapter Leaders. Definition of Internal Auditing. Some resources also include links to directly download the resource.