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A practical interpretation of these original instructions is that astrology should not be taught to people who do not perform good deeds and cannot put it to genuine use with a commitment to the expansion of the science. By the above statement, it is implied that the author had studied the various elaborate works prevailing during his times and produced the present work with more useful additions due to the mercy of his rxtnam.

Bala Bhadra has only misunderstood the term “degrees” in plural stipulated by Yavana as the whole sign. Only such a Brahmin’s divinations will be excellent.

The rahnam given will help us decide the proportion lengths of signs, as shown in speculum Artnam weak Moon and Mercury in the company of, a malefic are malefics.

In respect of certain original words in this verse, no special differentiation is made in the translation. Whether in respect of a nativity or in a query; royalty or otherwise is granted by a strong i. Drekkana or dcanate is one third of a sign, i. A planet in the ascendant of a query relating to a ‘lost horoscope, would also indicate the Ritu of birth would have been in its Rim.


Hora Ratnam (Set of 2 Volumes)

Saravali also uses the words “Grihanta Sandhim” which does not include the whole Navamsa. For after a successful study of this science, a Brahmin will obtain wealth not necessarily lucrereligious merits or virtues front-ranking fame and emancipation.

These are however quite basic concepts. Kalyana Ratnxm states 5, 5, 8, 7 and 5 are the Trimsamsas in an odd sign. That is planets in such houses derive such status. Hora is ruled by Moon, and the 2nd one ratnxm Sun.

Seen from a practical angle, this instruction cannot be restricted to a certain dasa period only.

Thanks a lot for doing this. A horoscope has four basic directions and are strong accordingly.

Speculum 5 shows the signs classified as biped or humanquadruped etc. Bala Bhadra’s objection is to Kalyana Varma’s not applying the lordships in a reverse manner in case of even signs whereas he has only reversed the degrees.

Such a Brahmin should have conquered his five senses, should be learned in other branches of the Sastrasshould be capable of remaining with the preceptor for a long duration and be a self-realized soul.

From the 5th house one should seek to know of intelligence and progeny. Thus it normally indicates a person versed in traditional laws. The physique called as “Bhautika Sarira” is made up of the five elements, thus: Malefics in occupation of an Upachaya house do no doubt good to the person. The seventh signLibra is represented, by a man holding a balance in his hands and relates to the region of navel, water and lower abdomen of time Personified.


It is for this reason that destiny and human efforts are inseparable from each other. Interestingly, these are the initial four chapters of Varaha Miliira’s Brihat Jataka also. According to Suka Jataka, Mars is an infant while Merc1,lry is a youth.

Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

The ratnm of signs as masculine, feminine etc. It the whole sign is the region of the knees of Time Personified. Religion also righteousnessparents etc. Biped or human signs, viz. According to Brihat Jataka, Mercury and Saturn are hermaphrodites. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

[PDF] Hora Ratnam – Free Download PDF

In chapter 5 infra, some more information on these Tatvas may be found. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn arid Pisces are feminine signs and are soft or benefic in nature. Thus end Narada’s views. He should experience results thereof. In case of a question related to a theft, the name of the thief will correspond to a synonym of the deity concerned as pointed out by the strongest planet.

These three classifications are shown in speculum 8, for an easy grasp.

Head, face, arms; heart, abdomen, waist, bladder or lower abdomen, pelvisprivities, thighs, knees, shanks and feet denoted respectively by the 12 signs from Aries.