Tornado Flasher UFS Micro Box with built-in HWK works on Nokia, LG, Sony- Ericsson and Motorola cell phones. .. Save User Settings This item includes a CD or DVD disk with software, drivers, manuals and videos This productos include. AIO NEW (All In One) v» DOWNLOAD NOW. MB HTC PRO CABLE 2 SOFTWARE v» DOWNLOAD NOW. Dongle/Box Drivers v 31 تموز (يوليو) The latest update for all Sarasoft boxes like UFS 3 and UFS Micro box i.e UFS panel has been related today, 7th July All Saras.

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It is original and can use without any problem the latest vesions of the HWK Suite software. No need external power? You can use up to 5 devices on one PC? Automatic operations mode for obx volume Nokia Functions: Repairing and Firmware Upgrade?

Unlock uuser sim-lock opening? Set FAID not need use any more knock or other software? Reset user lock Supported Sony-Ericsson models: Upgrade European to Chinese versions flash time only 20 sec. Fix “Illegal software loaded” without open the phone? Reset phone code to in all known versions?

UFS Micro with built-in and activated HWK module (without cables)

Reset non-volatile memory fix some sw problems and bugs? Clear “Tamper Alert” in all known versions? Activate different language packs support Chinese versions too? Flexing Activate different extras? Disc entirely developed by our technical department, you will not find in other stores!! We supply ALL software, drivers and updates needed for the use and installation of the product.


حصري : Latest UFS (HWK) Panel Setup – الصفحة 1

Videos in Executable format ready for Windows with real processes of use, unlocking, etc Information about dongles, boxes, activationes, licenses, etc Generally, the devices connected to a computer, as boxes and dongles, and its licenses, calculators, activations and software, may need permanent and stable internet connection during the usage of processes and functions available on each device.

This is because the protection mechanisms and algorithms are residing on internet servers owned by the device manufacturer and software developer. These mechanisms are necessary to carry out these above mentioned processes and functions.

Our company strives to select products, for our online sales catalog, that are renowned worldwide, with frequent and regular udates, and in many cases, free and at no charge. Nos dedicamos a la comercializaci? Date de alta en nuestro bolet?

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Pack containing the following Cables 42 pcs: Nokia Communicator Nokia N-Gage QD Pack containing the following Cables 75 pcs: Nokia EasyFlash v1 Pack containing the following Cables 87 pcs: LG 18 pines LG 24 pines LG 81xx 3G Motorola V66 RJ45 Motorola V66 USB Sharp 3G SonyEricsson K con pinza Pack containing the following Cables 13 pcs: LG 24 Pin LG 18 Pin Pack containing the following Cables 24 pcs: Nokia Luna Pack containing the following Cables pcs: Nokia n Navigator Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia Prism Nokia N95 8GB Nokia E Arte, Saphire Nokia N97 Mini Nokia S Navigator Nokia A Fold Nokia N Linux Maemo 5 Nokia N Linux Maemo 5.

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