Altair provides comprehensive software support via web FAQs, tutorials, training OS. Version. Architecture. GUI Products. Solvers. Windows. 7//10 x86_ 10 HMD Introduction HyperWorks Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Changing the Start-in Directory. while OK changes the representation of your scene and closes the Customize View Detail window. Wireframe resolution: 4. Wireframe resolution:

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This can be considered as the “current working directory”.

Criteria settings are stored and retrieved using a criteria file. How to isolate the required plate you wish to edit. If there were fillets that you did not wish to be removed they could be right clicked at the F and they would be deselected and not removed. Complex geometry is broken down into simple shapes elements in turorial act of meshing. Biomedical and Life Sciences. Within, we will compare some of the results from these wind tunnel thtorial with numerical results obtained with Altair ultraFluidX.

Hypermesh Manual | Gonzalo Anzaldo Muñoz –

Use the Model Browser to control visualization 1. Select the surface shown in the picture below to remove the round edge. Imprint Mesh to different destinations. A Motivating, Inspirational Forum for Learning: The part is now meshed and ready to be set up for an analysis.

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Since all nodes not currently referenced in the model are deleted, the temporary node mark is provided as a holding area to save the nodes you are not currently using. Go to the geometry sub-panel. The proposed structure is fabricated and its performances are compared with the simulation results hutorial from FEKO. With the active selector now on line, select the line shown in the following image.


For elements there is an option to adjust the selection to a reference element, by selecting it with the elem selector tutoiral clicking the adjust normals button. Hypeeworks each of the four nodes of the tetra, the distance from the node to the opposite side of the element is divided by the square root of the area of the opposite side. The offset is interpolated in between the assigned targets. If the selected surfaces are in the same component, they will not be trimmed but they will be stitched.

Review the other Model Browser Views: To find out the maximum value that can be safely used for tolerance without collapsing the elements, press the F10 key to go to the check elems panel, go to 2-d subpanel and click length.

Such infinite possibilities can be daunting and a hypfrworks step away from the more conventional way of working with a material having a known set of characteristics.

Flux includes an open and user-friendly interface that is easily coupled with other Altair software to address Multiphysics problems for a variety of systems in 2D, 3D and Skew modeling situations. Click jacobian to review again. Rotate, Pan and Zoom the model 1. Use the Model Browser to turn the display off for the component, shells, to observe that all of the free, red edges belong. Model View The Model View resides on the Model Browser tutoril allows you to view the model structure while providing full find, display, and editing control of entities.

For this part, there are no yellow edges. The offset is interpolated in-between the assigned targets. Click the green equivalence button to combine any free edge pairs within the specified cleanup tolerance. Retrieve and view the HyperMesh model file. Equivalence and Toggle will solve most of the problems. HyperWorks Desktop uses the following search order to find the hmmenu.


Enter the new distance value and close the input field to accept the value, either by pressing enter on the keyboard or by clicking outside in the graphics area.

A middle surface is constructed again tuhorial the remaining places in the model that were not identified via the offset of the model’s sides. Opens the equiangle skew utility.

The entity selection is shown below. Tools within the Panels Within the panels there are many buttons and options that will be explained below: Combine free edge pairs, one pair at a time, using the toggle. It is a thermal package capable of solving problems involving conduction, natural, and forced convection, radiation and conjugate heat transfer, yet it is easy enough to use for a non-CFD expert.

In the auto midsurface panel, click the first toggle and select closed solid. Click on continue, if you get the following message: The mesh will not be finalized until the return button is clicked. To meet the challenges of the automotive industry, they need to employ optimization to decrease vehicle weight while maintaining proper strength.

Removing Edge Fillets 1. The component containing the element is selected. Click cleanup to get an Element Quality Summary.