I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. There is a great resource called the GP IBOK that is a must have the original author had to remove it due to copywrite claims but you can.

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I have one of my own in 4″. You can open the throats to. Can someone please send me the pdf file on the above?

Tue Dec 04, 2: Also You may want to look into reloading as. Look at the sides of the hammer.

A good compromise is a 12 lb mainspring. It should move freely all the way through the hole.

Remove all grease, oil, powder residue, and bullet residue as you go. Previous left arrow key Next right arrow key Close Move. Put a drop of oil on the short slotted end of the ejector rod part The gun is already better than I am, but with use and this information I hope it helps me become even better. Even buying my lead I’m at a nickle a round. The hammer has a small notch fp100 the extension.


Use a hollow shaft flat tip screwdriver and unscrew left hand thread the ejector retainer part Ruger has made significant improvements in many of their designs, such as the Mini, which used to suffer from accuracy problems.

I’ve got a 5″ stainless that my wife surprised me with as a wedding present. Turn the screw in and out. Previous topic Next topic.


Remove the fork and set the strut assembly aside for now. I like your 5er, I think that’s the magic size between the 4. The factory mainspring is rated at 14 lbs.

Last edited by Greybeard7; at Find all posts by Big Andy Remove any rough casting marks or sharp edges from the sides of the cylinder latch. Insert the trigger guard latch part 43 with the flat surface up.

You will lose a token amount of velocity, typically fps for a magnum load. Once the trigger pivot pin is installed, make sure it is flush on both iblk. Inspect the recoil shield center pin hole. Dress the transfer bar with a grit sandpaper to smooth it up.

Smith and Wesson do this, and they charge a large premium over Ruger for it. What about those retaining balls in the cylinder?


Remove the cylinder assembly from the frame and insert 5 spent cases in the chambers. Actually it is the only handgun I own. Hold the crane vertical with the ejector rod down. Optimizing for lead bullets will improve accuracy and reduce lead fouling. Dry fire the gun several times to make sure pg100 works properly.

Aside from the overly heavy mainspring in the revolvers, these problems are just a matter of Ruger not using rigorous statistical quality control methods, which have been a standard engineering production process for 50 years in manufacturing precision mechanical devices. Notify me of new posts via email.

New GP – Survivalist Forum

It looks much better and is much easier to read and follow. Be sure to subscribe to the SurvivalistBoards YouTube channel. This slack allows the hammer to wander a bit horizontally. Watch the cylinder latch from the right side as you begin cocking the hammer.