Watch what it’s like to shoot an IDPA match. IDPA MATCH RULES. Curious about the match rules, scoring, and what you need to do before shooting a match ?. New IDPA Rulebook – Ontelaunee IDPA – March – 1. I like to think of myself as one of the few USPSA Shooters that can discuss IDPA. Old (Historical) IDPA Rule Books rulebook (The “Flat-Footed Reload Rule Book”). July 6, – The Little Brown Book (April, to October, ).

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IDPA has allowed me bok travel to new places and meet new people, talking about shooting sports and promoting 2nd Amendment rights along the way. I enjoyed the drama that surrounded all of these mysterious changes and what they might mean for the sport.

Please login or register. The potential safety issues caused by that were enormous, and thankfully that has been removed from the final rulebook.

Clubs can add extra safety rules if they do not conflict with the purpose and principles of IDPA.

Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. There were a few new rules that seemed to do just the opposite. All other IDPA equipment rules apply for holsters and loading device holders as well as their placement on the body. The stage walk through must now include allowing every shooter to see every target from the associated shooting point.

The head is no longer part of the body. I was always interested in the skill of SAFE high speed pistol shooting and gun handling. Matches are held virtually every weekend of the year. Lets apply the 4 questions to these rules: When I became licensed to carry, my husband John, insisted that I train before I started actually carrying a firearm. Learn more about IDPA membership.


Stage boundaries have to be defined now, and air gunning, sight pictures and individual rehearsals outside of the defined stage area is no longer a penalty.

Plus, everyone finds it a lot more fun than static target shooting. The SP shadow has been legal you just need plastic grips, 10 round mags, spring steel mag break. See you at the range. The 43 ounce max will give you more options in grips, steel guide rods, and heavier mags which are great options!

International Defensive Pistol Association

Allowed and disallowed targets have been defined. New IDPA rulebook is posted. Physical points like cones and a rule.

I joined IDPA in idppa one goal in mind: Join the comradery of like- minded shooters all over the world. This would allow matches across the county to become more consistent.

Use the search to find fule local classifier. A shooters minimum and maximum classification for semi-auto firearms can only differ by one level.

This allows 20013 smaller than 9mm, carry optics, and other pistols which do not fit into the 5 competition divisions to participate in local club matches.

Click here to visit the shop! It just feels a little better balanced and weighted in my hand. Moving idp organization is no small feat and we hope you will be patient with us as we settle into our new digs. We are very delighted… Continue Reading. It makes weight now, but are there enough made every year to pass this test? I was originally drawn to IDPA at an affiliated club idla my area.


Guess what is legal for the division now? I use the sport to introduce others to competitive handgun shooting. Not sure what you meant by “man enough”! Based on the NO answer to Q2 this rule should not have made it through the vetting process — Technology and tactics have evolved sincethis is a game based around defensive CCW, these equipment restrictions serve no purpose. We would like to also thank CMP Talladega for…. The third occurrence in a single match will result in a Disqualification.

Get notifications in your email when articles are published, as well as our weekly newsletter packed with exclusive content! This year I was bumped to Expert so now it’s a race with my husband on who will be the next Master, since Ashton has ldpa beat idppa both!

IDPA Rulebook

The terms have been defined with their everyday meaning. Cover has been defined. However the things that are wrong in the new RB are very wrong.

Five tiers of matches have been defined. If the shooter runs the firearm empty behind cover, the shooter may not advance in the stage move toward the next shooting position until the weapon is deemed loaded. Bkok site uses Akismet to reduce spam.