Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth. Jim Baggott. Pegasus, $ (p) ISBN. Two writers argue that modern science needs to get a grip on reality, rejecting ‘ timeless’ theories of the universe and the ‘fairytale’ physics of. It’s always good when a book of popular science has a clear line to argue, and Jim Baggott’s line is very clear indeed: modern physics has.

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Jim Baggott does a good job of being concise yet detailed enough to not leave the reader thinking he skimmed or glossed over important subject matter. Why is there a need for interactions to be or ever to have been unified? Just to show that they can.

Review of Farewell to Reality by Jim Baggott

Nevertheless a very good one. I mention a few different approaches, but only to the extent to say they exist. Let each pursue their own enquiry as they may, and then one day tomorrow, or tomorrow upon tomorrow, the truth will out. Yes these people are smart, but the history of physics shows how often truly brilliant people completely miss or misunderstand important new ideas, and it is not good if everyone is brought up with the same toolkit and prejudices.

Stephen Hawking and black holes. A t an interdisciplinary gathering of academics discussing the concept of time, I once heard a scientist tell the assembled humanities scholars that physics can now replace all their woolly notions of time with one that is unique, precise realuty true.

There was only some mopping up to do. And even Einstein considered Quantum Mechanics to be too weird for words.

Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth by Jim Baggott

I can see the direct relation to what he is say. About quantum gravity I discuss why it’s not a question of aesthetics. He traces science from the observable to the purely mathematical. Refer to my further recommendations.


June 21, at 6: May 01, Lawrence rated it it was ok. One of them or both? Maybe this works naturally for experimental subjects where there is a single clear result, and what matters is the measurement.

All, I think the PRL issue, which had nothing much to do with the book being discussed here, has now been convincingly beaten to death. While I was aware of many of the aspects and topics he covered, in many cases farewelll exact means by which the findings were experimentally confirmed and the sequence and timing of discoveries were details that weren’t known to me.

Time Reborn by Lee Smolin; Farewell to Reality by Jim Baggott – review

Speaking of riding your mentions, we’re doing a podcast on this subject. Jim Baggott has written a very good new book called Farewell to Reality that will soon come out here in the US.

Physics since the s has found getting data to test geality physics and explore particle at higher energies has been getting harder and harder. But for too he is actually able to notice from his perspective, he seems to be looking at the right stuff and asking the right questions.

The big bang theory explained. View all 4 comments. The Testability Principle demands that scientific theories be actually or potentially capable of providing tests against empirical facts. Too bad, as i really liked the overall approach. The first is about truth,reality and scientfic method. Trivia About Farewell to Reali So it seems like farewfll and more independent-minded people are saying enough is enough.

Dec 16, Scott Lupo rated it really liked it Shelves: Baggot begins by defining what science is with six principles. This efforts include supersymetry,supergravity,the jom theory. The first half of the book is then a history of 20th century physics mostly For those interested in modern theories of physics, an excellent description. Beautiful Beyond Comparison, 5.

The carbon in us adds nothing to this vast body of evidence. There was enough depth for someone like myself that is conversant in physics but doesn’t actually practice it himself, and yet not so much depth that you hit road blocks in understanding due to pages of mathematics that you have to digest.


Somewhere along the way experimenting stopped because we don’t have the means and have gone headlong into metaphysics where philosophical, mind-bending thought experiments have supplanted actual experiments. PRL emphasises general interest, which again affects the type of paper likely to be accepted, without to my mind necessarily implying higher quality. What all this books put in value is the necces After a sort of Golden age in high speculative popular science books in physics and cosmology ,with titles as The Elegant Universe,Prallel Worlds,Out of this World etc, it would seem that a theory of everything was near, but then we have now or some time ago a series of more realistic books that have given to us a bath of cold reality, with titles as Not Even Wrong,Farewell to Reality ,The end of Physics,The Truble with Physics or The End of Science.

Very clearly spells out where scientific physics, with testable predictions and such, ends and metaphysics or fairy-tale physics in the words of the author begins. Some are all too willing to exploit the subtleties of good science to find a way to defend the indefensible, with the multiverse mania pointing to the all too real dangerous endpoint this can lead to. That perception of course is perhaps based on the fact that I fully expected him to do so, and he’s in fact preaching to the choir on that point.

We consider it almost obvious today.