Katagiri Roshi, teacher of Steve Hagen and Norm Randolph, was the founding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Hokyoji Zen Practice. On a Thursday night I flew into Minneapolis and saw Katagiri Roshi’s body laid out in the zendo, dead eighteen hours from a cancer he fought. The reason I know Katagiri Roshi had an affair with an extended sangha member (mentally ill) was that he confessed it to me when the woman.

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Go to next of Mitsu. All we have to do is entrust ourselves to the life we now live. A long time ago.

Dainin Katagiri

What year was that? I knew what he meant and I put into reality what he intended. That was almost at the end. It has the rings and the barrel. The Practice and Study of Buddhism in America. This article was sent as a response to some recent conversations on the article Unethical Practices by Nonin Chowaney for publication. Betty is 80 years old this month. Jodo Cliff Clusin March 30, at It’s exactly to follow the Buddha traditional way.

You went to a sesshin with Noiri before you came to America? Katagkri specifically acknowledge the great harm, both psychological and spiritual, that results from teachers becoming sexually involved with their students, both for the teacher and student involved and for the community as a whole. Retrieved May 4, Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. You can also subscribe without kztagiri. But I saw him in the hallway when he was coming and going katsgiri the Buddha hall for the ceremony.


We had to use centimeter. So he said if I can go, I want to go to the place where nobody wants to go. And Ruth — I don’t remember her last name. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Morning zazen and service.

Some teachers enter United States from east side in New York.

Dainin Katagiri – Wikipedia

Because Dogen Zenji really encouraged people to wear the nyoho okesa. So she moved to Michigan after you went there. He came with two Fujinkai [women’s group] members. He went to Eiheiji we transferred to Tsuruga. I myself provided the information and was in the situation at the time. Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop.

Did he ignore you? Not as boyfriend or girlfriend. And at worst, they can be little more than an instrument of exploitation, with unethical persons in power hiding behind these documents as a shield from scrutiny. Sokoji didn’t want to go together.

She is almost the same age as Suzuki Roshi. I related with the Japanese congregation until we left Sokoji.

It’s hard to find anything at Zen Center. I was transmitted through his lineage. Part of a series on. Archived from the original on And was she involved in the zendo there? He went to public English school in Tokyo. While he almost ordained as a Pure Land Buddhist monk, Dainin Katagiri was recommended to study and train with Daicho Hayashi Roshi, who ran Taizoin Zen temple in the farming and fishing community in Kitada village outside of Tsuruga.


Following his death, it was rumored that Katagiri roshi had engaged in sexual relationships with some female students. How did they relate? So, my relation with Suzuki Roshi, your relation, is teacher and student. I think ’59 or ’60 I met Katagiri. Then Katagiri Roshi asked for the future, for people who want to receive the lay ordination and also the rakusu, if you could teach us we can learn how to make it.

I had the juku at the home. I come to Sebastopol and eat many Sebastopol Fuji apples.

Manifesting Zen Insight Jan 04, He never say that. Zen Center has to leave. And they visited our Monterey house. Suzuki had her entrance in the kitchen.

It was Katagiri’s idea. We moved to Page Street.