The Theory of Poker has ratings and 67 reviews. Stephen said: to stars. In my opinion, the single best book ever written on practical poker. Hold ’em Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth This book is about the general theories and concepts of poker play, which are. The Theory of Poker. Ву. David Sklansky. A product of Two Plus Two Publishing. FOURTH EDITION. SIXTH PRINTING. October Printing and Binding.

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I mean, stochastic distribution, Poisson law, that sort of things?

Teoria del poker – David Sklansky – Google Books

This is essential if you are moving from Limit to No Limit Poker where the expected odds are quite different. Meanwhile The Theory of Pkoer is making a big difference in my game.

Daftar judi kartu dan domino online. If you play, minimize your maximum loss and get the book, pronto. If you are just learning the game and are going to read one book on poker, this isn’t the one.

If you sklahsky to understand the game of poker, start by reading this. Conversely, every time opponents play their hands differently from the way they would have if they could see all your cards, you gain; and every time they play troria hands the same way they would have played if they could see all your cards, you lose.

You can get away with it for a few hours among strangers if you hit some hands, but once the competition sees your style you won’t get enough action to cover the rake.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

One thing that is difficult is it uses all kinds of poker jargon that is defined in the glossary or on line and I had to look up things on every other page. The book is exactly what everyone says it is. Even Doyle had to stop playing that style after he wrote the book. He returned to Teaneck and passed multiple Society of Actuaries exams by the time he was 20, and worked for an actuarial firm. Apr 15, Nasif Mcpherson rated it really liked it.


Aug 26, Adam rated it it was amazing. In many ways, poker is the opposite side of the same coin. There is a reason every other poker book eventually says, read The Theory of Poker. For me Xavid has filled in some areas that Harrington 1 didn’t go into deep enough and others that it didn’t even touch on. One notable thing it said specifically to me I tekria is if you can’t identify the mark worst player at a table you are the mark and should leave the table.

Eklansky that said, you should read this book multiple times and give it careful study if you’re looking to ever become anything other than an amateur player. Many of today’s top poker players will tell you that this is the book that really made a difference in their play.

Meanwhile The Theory of Poker is making Ditto what just about all the other reviewers have said.

He has all of required chapters on pot odds, slowplaying, giving free cards, etc. It is a game of chance, but in the long run the best player will win.

Bear thru it, survive it, drink a lot of coffee, but read it if you play. The Sklanskky of Poker uses a lot of mathematics to discuss what strategy to use given you and your opponents equity and pot odds. He has written many books on poker, blackjack, and general gambling. Highly Recommended at least for poker players. I should have read this book before trying to win money at Poker.


The Theory of Poker

Like most classic books, this is reference book that needs to be read periodically if you are serious about becoming a better poker player, because as one reviewer put it, all of your competition has read it and will use that knowledge against you. One thing that is difficult is i I enjoy playing poker with friends at very low stakes and have won some money playing Texas Hold-em at Casinos and on a cruise and thought that I was pretty smart.

The most perfect book written on poker theory. Nov 09, Barrie Penman rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 11, Justin Yeary rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly, while I am not very good at math myself, I found the content quite understandable and took greatly from it. I apparently get very bored very quickly reading about math.

It is strongly emphasized how poker is a game of mistakes and that as long as you can induce mistakes from your opponents while avoiding them yourself, you will be a consistent winner in the long run.

Reads like textbook and lays out decision trees and mathematical theorems.

But it’s definitely a classic everyone should read. I grew tired of seeing it referenced in books sjlansky skilled poker players became quantitative masterminds, so I picked it up.

The theory of Poker is very simple: