Stunners: The Mental Magic of Larry Becker on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master Mind Magic Collection Larry Becker – Stunners PLUS!Mind magician Larry Becker two decades mentalism al PDFLarry. Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA.

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What’s in use here, except for the envelope with the prediction, is a freezer plastic bag on a stand, and a jumbo deck.

Stunners! The Mental Magic of Larry Becker – Quicker than the Eye

The presentational ideas alone would make this one of the greatest educational journeys you’ve ever taken. As others have said before me, you can’t larrry without this book. Download Refund Policy Yes,I understand that this product is not eligible for a refund. And, as if all this wasn’t enough, imagine tsunners into the inner workings of Larry’s many commercial effects, including: So what’s extra in it?

Some Total on the other hand Our friendship has only deepened my admiration. The spectator totals all ten numbers only to discover the performer had correctly predicted the answer.

Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic

The unbelievable “Headline Prediction” that baffled over magicians and mentalists throughout England and Europe. Four bbecker draw whatever they wish on blank file cards.


Describes Larry’s brand new “Blockbuster Wallet” and how to perform the effect using something every mentalist is sure to have. David Eldridge is a master of the art.

Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. The cassette the spectator removes from the chest is the one he actually signed and locked inside days or weeks earlier. PsiClops, Casino Light, Zenneristic and more. Is there a way to purchase just the literature such as lecture notes, DVD, performance manuscript, ect.

Patrick Richey built an empire with a single technique for answering his audience members’ questions, whether in private readings for a single sitter or on stage for hundreds.

I don’t say it is not good, because some would really love items like Casino Royal and the like. Larry’s brilliant effects, all wonderfully-simple and simply-wonderful, have earned their deserved place in the genre of “miracle class” mentalism.

Greg One of my favorite quotes: First, Larry Becker is not an earthling! An invisible “hold-out” that enables you to perform a myriad of puzzling effects. He knows what plays in the real world. Apr 16, Self-Working Stunnres Magic — pages and 73 usefull illustrations support 67 easy and fun ‘fake’ psychic tricks.

Some of the most baffling entertaining, mental effects ever created, all bearing the Becker hallmarks of maximum entertainment potential and simplicity.


And as if that is not enough to whet your appetite, imagine peering into the inner workings of Larry’s many commercial effects.

This is definitely a must-have book for those who don’t own it. The performer makes a prediction. The presentational ideas alone would make this one of the greatest educational journeys you’ve ever taken. And, although it hurts to admit, “us Earthlings” includes us knowledgeable magicians and mentalists!

Larry Becker’s commercial hit.

An entertaining routine using the well known sound effects device widely sold in variety and novelty shops. Two outstanding uses are included, “Pre-Vue” and “Switcheroo. Bryan Follow me on Twitter! If you don’t have this book, which has been ranked as one of the most important books in stunnerd and has been long out of print, then it’s not a question of getting it, but when to do so, because you do want this for your library.

Paul om mani laryr hum. Is there a need for props for most of the effects?