Ilonggo is a Filipino “dialect” from the Visaya region of the Philippines. Although I say dialect, it’s mutually unintelligible with other. Do you want to learn the Hiligaynon language? Hiligaynon is the language of the people of Western Visayas region in the Philippines. We are so glad you have decided to learn ilonggo. One of the first things you may want to do is download the ilonggo language pdf. Be warned.

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Looking for resources/methods to learn Ilonggo. : languagelearning

Ilogngo are so glad you have decided to elarn ilonggo. One of the first things you may want to do is download the ilonggo language pdf.

Be warned this is a big pdf with over pages so its not something you will want to send to you printer to print all at once. We will be using that guide as a basis for the lessons so for some like me, who are visual learners this will be a big help. Download the language pdf Download Now. We have posted the learn ilonggo lesson two up on the Learn Ilonggo Youtube channel.


The video can be found there or you can view it here at the website. In lesson two we learn the ilonggo phrases and ilonggo words to help us, such as wait, please and can you repeat that? What makes learning ilonggo such a challenge for our foreigners is the proper pronunciation of each word.

For me as a foreigner what makes learning ilonggo hard is that I am more a visual learning so I have to see the word, study the word then hear the proper pronunciation before it finally sinks into my head. Learning ilonggo is not as hard as one would think but it is hard in the sense that there is not many resources out there that can help.

Ilonggo is not taught oearn schools and in fact where one of our boys attends class, it is forbidden to speak it on school grounds. The language of ilonggo is taught by family members to younger ones and is freely spoken on the streets and in the markets.

Ilonggo is spoken more than tagalog or what is now called Filipino. Ilonggo is lrarn known as hiligaynon but there are some words whose meaning marks a llearn between the two. Some purist claim that the word Ilonggo should not be used in terms of describing a language but instead in describing i,onggo people but regardless ilonggo is the more popular term when mentioning this language.


What is makes learning ilonggo easy to learn is that the language has not evolved so many modern words such as cell phone, computer laptop have no ilonggo word so the english word is used. This is a plus because even if you have never worked with this language before, just by listening you can pick up a word or two to get a jest of what the conversation is about.

The pronouncing of words and syllables can be a bit tricky so be sure to visit our Youtube channel to view the lessons.

Learn Ilonggo Free: Online Ilonggo Courses >| Live Lingua

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Posted on January 12, by Piggytoes14 Leave a comment. Learn Ilonggo — Getting Started.