change in enthalpy between the outlet and inlet of the machine [2] A. Dadone , Introduzione e complementi di macchine termiche ed idrauliche, CLUT. G. Cornetti: Macchine Idrauliche. Ed. Il Capitello, A. Dadone: Macchine idrauliche. Ed. CLUT-Torino, G. Lozza: Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off- design working conditions A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino.

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NPSH required and available. Dimensions and units of measurement.

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Main directions and tensions. Ed Il Capitello, A.

The exam mark will be provided by a weighted average of the results obtained in the separate tests, with the following weights: Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano, 5. Stress in mzcchine fluid and moving fluid. Fatigue strength of the component.


Combustione e potere calorifico. The exam is divided into a written exam and an idraulichs exam. Il Capitello, A. Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources.

Portale della Didattica

Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. The velocity, the current lines, the streamlines and the streak lines. The course deals with hydroelectric power and hydraulic machinery, irrigation methods and structures and drainage systems.

Stress with cycles of variable amplitude. Force of a jet. Other information Sample constituted by 70 students.

Particular care is paid to the choice of the machinery in order to optimize the plant efficiency. Extended program The course deals with hydroelectric power and hydraulic machinery, irrigation methods dadonee structures and drainage systems. Pasquale Giuseppe Filianoti mercoledi’ The representation of motion: Static failure hypothesis for brittle and ductile materials.


Portata udrauliche massa, lavoro, rendimento, potenza. The Reynolds number, instability of laminar motion, qualitative features of turbulence. Nozioni di Fluidodinamica – Il moto dei fluidi nelle condotte. The exam consists of a written test both on practical problems and theory.


Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria. Effect of temperature on mechanical properties. Regeneration steam-bleeding practice surface and mixing heat-exchangers.

Practical activities are provided during the course. Euler equation for turbomachinery. Lo studente decide quale esercizio affrontare per primo e quanto tempo dedicare a ciascuno. Pelton, Francis, Elica e Kaplan, altri macchone. Didattica Ore Lezioni 55 Esercitazioni in aula Sources of primary energy exhaustible and renewable. At the end of the course the student must: