even the burliest of men (and in some cases, the burliest of women) feel inadequate. So manly, it needs to be shaved: The Alphabet of Manliness. This collection. The Alphabet of Manliness has ratings and reviews. Seizure Romero said: I just picked this up in a used bookshop during lunch. I opened randoml. The funniest/manliness piece of literature mankind has ever read. Perhaps it will be looked back on as the manliest book of all time. To quote the author, Maddox .

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Whereas, Hamburger portrays wild e This book is what it says it is from A is for Ass Kiciking to Z is for Zombie, this book is the alphabet of manliness. Sep 15, Jonathan Discount rated it it was ok. It’s a dumb mwnliness with a few funny moments and illustrations.

Doesn’t that make it funny??? The book first appeared in Barnes and Noble bookstores during Mayand it arrived to those who pre-ordered it on June 1, After reading it, I feel like more of a mzddox than I have ever been Whereas, Hamburger portrays wild extreme slapstick violence by ninjas, Maddox portrays wild extreme misogynistic violence. I haven’t finished it yet and I’m still giving it top manllness. What you don’t expect is it to get tired — which it does.

On this tour he dressed himself in a large royal gown and was wearing a crown on his head. For my review of this book, I want you to think of the sound a rocket or firework in a movie makes when it’s lit but just putters about for a moment and then alphabey into a puddle.

Feb 02, Zach Baker rated it really liked it.


Nov 21, Rick Cummings rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I just picked this up in a used bookshop during lunch. Aug 30, Seizure Romero rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book was officially completed on January 19,as announced on Maddox’s website.

It’s also worth noting that this book is from ; a different time as they say. However, I think that this book imitates Hamburger ‘s style too much. There are chapters on Beef Manlinexs, Chuck Norris, and how to grope women successfully, just to give you an idea of what this book is maddx.

I hereby revoke all the gratitude I expressed above and keep it for myself.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat I greatly appreciate a book that can make me laugh out loud while riding on public transportation. Yes, you’ll learn about boners and porn and things that men like to do with them, not that anyo This won’t give you chest hair or turn women into men, but it will give you a potent false sense of manliness and the sensation of bushy chest hair. If you recognize that this author is not the person he presents think the Sarah Siverman show it’s a lot funnier.

This humble tome of wisdom is a tribute to all men who toil away at work every day, getting their balls busted, or busting balls. I’m writing a book! Good for reading on the bus while commuting. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Best Page in the Universe? Sep 22, Judd rated it it was ok Shelves: At the same time I found myself laughing uncontrollably.

The Alphabet of Manliness

F is for Farts but this is hardly a serious bit of literature and does not pretend to be. On a side note, I was worried for a moment that someone might read this and actually agree with it, but really I don’t think those people do a whole lot of reading so Manlniess don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


Where’s the social commentary? Feb 26, Evie rated it liked it Shelves: You get the picture. Seri This book is crap. Since I had it and it was unwrapped, I did the tacky thing and read it.

The subtext was, “Hey, isn’t this way over-the-top???

September 27, Finally, a book that guarantees your balls will be stomped; a book so manly that it will make even the burliest of men and in some cases, the burliest of women feel inadequate. Feb 04, Sam rated it did not like it. Where are the purposefully crappy Microsoft Paint illustrations? The second leg of the tour to the West Coast started on July 13,ending on July 29, Dec 15, Jmswtsn rated it did not like manlinses.

May 05, Dexter rated it it was amazing. Not a book for Higher learning but I still enjoyed it. A is for Ass-kicking.

The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox

Overall, though, it does have a few good jokes, slathers it on thick, and makes a darn good argument as to why beef jerky is the greatest food on the planet. A book that shouldn’t be taken seriously by no means. I took most of this book qlphabet sarcasm and trite cliches, but it is remarkably unremarkable.